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Address: 7306 Driver Rd. PO Box 50


City/State/Zip: Berlin Heights, OH, 44814


Phone: 800-944-4283


FAX: 419-588-3514




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Company Info: AutoGate manufacturers Vertical Pivot Gate operators. UL325 CSA 22.2 No. 247 Listed. The systems are all electrical with built in battery backup. They excel in all weather conditions including extreme heat cold and snowy conditions. The bottom edge of the gates are fabricated to your site conditions including curbs sidewalks uneven driveways drainage swales etc. better security aesthetics. Because they pivot open 90 vertically less space is necessary for installation operation which maximizes use of your property for customers and revenue generation. They require less maintenance than slide gates and have superior open and closing speed. We offer flashing LED lights on the gate panel to reduce vehicle impact. Should our gates be struck by a vehicle they often can be bent back into place and the system can return back into operation minimizing security concerns. Impacted slide gates require far more extensive repair before they are safe and able to return back to operation.





Vertical Pivot Gate systems

Vertical Pivot Gate systems. Custom designed for your site. Ideal for fitting over curbs, road contours, tight space conditions, and to satisfy many artistic designs. Outperforms swing and slide gates.

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Vertical Pivot Gate Systems

Vertical Pivot Gate Systems. Battery backed-up. Custom fabricated to site. Fast open & close. Multiple designs & custom aesthetics available. Superior performance in cold weather & snowy conditions. UL 325 Listed.

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THE SHIELD?? holds a DOS K12 (L3) /ASTM F2656 M50-P1, a DOS K8 (L3) /ASTM F2656 M40-P1, and a DOS K4 (L3)/ASTM F2656 M30-P1 Crash rating. Our K4 DOS/ASTM F2656 M30/P1 is also available in a SHALLOW FOUNDATION (SF) option for sites that are in a high water table or have underground utilities that do not permit deeper foundation excavation.

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April 26, 2018, 2:17 am PDT

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