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Utility Metals div. of Fabricated Metals, LLC


Address: P.O. Box 9054


City/State/Zip: Louisville, KY, 40209


Phone: 502-363-6681


FAX: 502-368-2656




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Vendor Profile: Utility Metals is the leading manufacturer of commercial lighting brackets mastarms light poles and custom solutions serving the LED OEM and Utility lighting industries.Founded in 1955 Utility Metals has been making quality industrial outdoor lighting brackets long before the LED and energy efficient craze. Yes our brackets are compatible with most current fixtures.What sets Utility Metals apart from the competition is our unique ability to deliver what you need when you need it. Our state of the art production processes paired with industry-leading engineering capabilities allow us to custom fabricate large custom specified orders while delivering premium quality products within normal production lead times. Passing this value and efficiency on to our customers while maintaining consistent quality in our product is why the top OEM manufactures choose Utility Metals as a premiere partner for their lighting bracket production.As a commitment to our customers Utility Metals is dedicated to continuous product improvements and innovation. Our quality processes systems and procedures meet strict ISO 9000 standards.In addition we employ a highly dedicated and tenured team of knowledgeable lighting professionals whom are here to help.All of our products are manufactured in Louisville Kentucky U.S.A. using high-quality domestically sourced materials.Our Mission Utility Metals is a leading expert manufacturer of large and small volume outdoor mounting brackets and poles providing lighting security and communication OEMs Distributors and Contractors with custom quick turnaround US made products.





Light Poles

Utility Metals is the leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting brackets, mast arms, light poles, and custom products serving the street and area lighting industry. As the preferred supplier for the most recognized brands in lighting, Utility Metals remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions, superior quality, and on-time delivery.
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Round and Square Steel Direct Burial

Round and square steel street and area lighting poles in varying heights and dimensions designed for direct burial. NOTE: Please have wind zone, weight and EPA information available when requesting a quote for poles. Poles cannot be purchased online. Please request a quote to start the process.
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Made in America. The Wood Pole Flood Light mounting bracket is ideal for "dusk till dawn" type lights and is utilized in street and area light applications. The bracket features a continuous up-sweep arm.
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Right Angle Wood Pole Bracket (RAB-WM)

Made in America. This Right Angle Wood Pole flood light mounting bracket from Utility Metals is ideal for mounting to wood poles due to its curved base. Available in a durable powder coat or galvanized finish, this unit is strong enough to hold up to 105 lbs.
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Single Crossarm Bracket (P200)

Made in America. Cross Arm Brackets allow for optimal positioning of the light fixture and are an effective way to extend a light fixture away from a building. These Heavy Duty brackets are engineered to provide versatile mounting options for wall mounting applications. To be mounted on a building providing an extension of either 18" from the wall and allows for 1 or 2 fixtures (with added Twin Crossarm Adapter) to be mounted on the angle iron plate at the end.
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Square Pole Adapter 4

Made in America. The 4" Square Pole Tenon Adapter allows for a tenon mount fixture to be mounted on a square open top steel pole. Tenon adapters slide into pole and bolt through for securing the tenon to the pole. These tenons are made of hearty steel tubing, are double-welded and can be powder coated or galvanized. Custom sizes can be manufactured for specific applications.
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Side Tenon (ST2)

Made in America. Side Tenons allow for optimal positioning of light fixtures to maximize lighting effectiveness. This pole mounted side tenon bracket is an efficient way to light additional areas around a pole. Recommended for installation on steel, aluminum and concrete square poles, these side tenons are made from A500 Grade B Steel tubing and can be provided primed, painted, or galvanized. Minimum 4" square pole, slotted mounting holes, 4" x 5-1/4" mounting plate.
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Heavy Wall Mount Bracket (RABH)

Made in America. This right angle tenon bracket allows you to securely mount a slip fitting fixture to a wall and provides room for adjustments in the field. With it's heavy duty, double welded construction, powder coat or galvanized finish, and 4 bolt 7" mounting plate, this unit will support up to 90 lbs. and stand up to the elements. 9/16" Diameter Mounting Holes.
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Twin Bullhorn (S2-S36)

Made in America. The twin bull horn pole top light bracket is designed to slip fit onto 2-3/8" tenons. Typical applications for the twin bull horn pole top light bracket are on top of wood, steel and concrete poles. Shipped with removable cap & mounting hardware assembled. Max weight capacity is 100 lbs. per arm. Available in dark bronze, primed or galvanized.
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TR-30 Pole Top Reducer (TR302P)

Made in America. Pole Top Tenon Reducers from Utility Metals can be custom manufactured to meet specific applications. Pole Top Tenon Reducers allow for converting the top of an existing pole to accept most modern day LED lighting applications.
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Single Spoke Arm Bracket

With the LED conversion market growing, spoke arm brackets are becoming a necessity for lighting contractors. Utility Metals makes all types of mounting brackets for outfitting new fixtures to existing poles.
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Outdoor lighting brackets

Utility Metals is the leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting brackets, light poles, and custom products serving the street and area lighting industry, and is the preferred supplier in lighting to the most recognized brands.
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Heavy Duty Adjustable Knuckle Fitter

Adjust your lighting on the pole easily with this slip-fitting, adjustable, tenon mount adapter. Adapter adjusts up to 90 degrees.
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Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of outdoor lighting brackets, mastarms and poles. We offer an exclusive line of products for all your outdoor lighting applications.
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TR-30 Pole Top Reducer

Pole Top Tenon Reducers from Utility Metals can be custom manufactured, and convert the top of existing poles to accept most modern day LED lighting applications.
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