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Address: 3411 W. Fordham Ave.


City/State/Zip: Santa Ana, CA, 92704-4422


Phone: 714-708-3038


FAX: 714-708-3053




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Company Info: Skyco Shading Systems is leading the sun control industry in new directions. We work to be the best at what we do by making customer service a top priority. At Skyco we create custom shading solutions ultimately energy solutions that provide comfort and privacy compliment the architecture then disappear entirely. While we specialize in specialties and obsess over obscure and challenging conditions the majority of our product line consists of commercial quality shading systems for traditionally shaped and sized windows.

Our focus is on motorization and green energy solutions for projects in Hospitality Healthcare Commercial and Education Facilities. This focus allows us to not only be competitive but to deliver the technology required for LEED goals like daylighting thermal comfort and enhancing views through glare control.

With our large selection of available systems fabric and components we work to help you realize solutions friendly to your design and can customize components to offer innovative answers in solar control energy management and interior daylighting.





Camargue Structure

Exhibits the next level of engineering with integrated motorized shades, LED lighted blades. Features concealed fasteners, wiring & base plates. Options for sliding doors in glass, fabric, wood, or aluminum louvers.

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Lagune Structure

The Lagune retractable shade structure attaches to the side of a building and creates a bug-proof, windproof, waterproof protected room when shades are added to the sides. The translucent fabric roof retracts completely while guttering off any remaining water as it retracts. The front columns conceal downspouts and the center beam offers optional integrated LED lighting. The Lagune opens to let the most light and air in and then can close it off at the touch of a button. Outdoor living comfort at its best.

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SlideFix Shade

Sun protection screen for sliding windows - Slidefix Large panes of glass, sliding doors, and corner windows are in. SlideFix provides the ideal solution in such circumstances, offering the first lateral sliding sun protection screen. This type of sun protection screen slides open automatically in the same direction as the window or door system. This way, a sliding (corner) window remains perfectly operational for outdoor access, even with sun protection. No waiting for a traditional ceiling mounted screen to raise all of the way. The SlideFix can also be combined with other ZipShades for a seamless look.

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Skye structure

The newest Skye Structure is the most exclusive louvered roof yet, a roof that consists of rotating and retractable aluminium blades, giving shelter against sun, rain and wind. In summer the hot air will be ventilated by opening the blades. The retractable sliding roof blades stack to the back leaving the leading edge open unlike other systems. All fasteners, electric wiring and footings are invisibly integrated in this type of terrace covering. Integrated LED lights in the columns, roof blades or upper profiles and heating elements with flat panel speakers are possible to customize your Skye Structure.

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Panovista & ZipShades

The Panovista ZipShade is a specialized version of our traditional ZipShade that closes the gap in corner applications. The standard ZipShade offers zipper sides that hold the fabric steady in wind and seal out bugs and drafts. The Panovista has one motor drive two shades that meet at a corner for the smallest gap between fabric panels, ideal for butt-joint glass corners. The Panovista MAX takes the innovation further and zips the corner closed automatically as the shade is operated, ideal for where two sliding doors meet at a corner. It keeps sun, wind, and bugs out and it means there are no tracks, cables or hardware in the corner. The ultimate solution for corner coverage conditions.

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Camargue Structure

The Camargue structure is elegant as it offers a motorized operable louvered roof, that closed flat underneath and keeps the inside dry by guttering water down the columns. The Camargue exhibits the next level of engineering with its integrated motorized shades, LED lighted blades, and column and cove lighting. Multiple Camargue structures can be combined into larger structures, and the system also features hidden fasteners and wiring, and concealed base plates, and options for sliding doors in glass, fabric, wood, or aluminum louvers. Enjoy outdoor living with the sun, wind, and bug protection of the Camargue.

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May 23, 2018, 10:58 pm PDT

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