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DeerBusters/Trident Enterprises


Address: 144 Cleveland Ave.


City/State/Zip: Waynesboro, PA, 17268


Phone: 888-422-3337


FAX: 301-694-9254




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Vendor Profile: Deer Fence and wildlife control products





Steel Hex Deer Fence Kit

Chew-proof, dig-proof and weather-proof, the 7.5x100 PVC-coated Steel Hex Deer Fence Kits last up to 20 years. For when you need protection against extreme deer pressure.
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Customer's completed poly deer fencing. Deerbusters fencing protects vineyards, orchards, home gardens and farms.
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Customer's completed poly deer fencing. Deerbusters fencing protects farms as well as home gardens.
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Fixed Knot

Fixed Knot Deer Fences are the strongest fence type on today's market. They last 20-40 years in all-weather elements.
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Fence with Warning Banner

Deerbusters suggests that homeowners add a warning banner to their completed deer fencing system so deer do not accidentally run into the fence.
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Deerbusters gates allow for easy entry into any Deerbusters fencing system.
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Nelly Briggs

Poly Deer Fencing is made from a durable plastic fence material. It is great for protecting flowerbeds with low deer pressure.
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David Becker

Customer's completed Steel Hex Web Deer Fence in his backyard.
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Steel Hex Web

Deerbusters steel hex web are chew-proof, dig proof and weather resistant. Best of all, steel hex web deer fencing appears virtually invisible from approximately 20 feet away.
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Metal Deer Fences

Metal Deer Fences are what you need if you are looking for the strongest defense against deer and other animals accessing your property.
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Deer fencing

Deer fencing solves the problem of deer damage to valuable landscapes and gardens. Fencing is virtually invisible from only a short distance.
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8' x 100' Steel Hex Web with PVC Coated Fence

This new type of 8-foot metal deer fence is recommended for those experiencing high deep pressure. It's chew-proof, weather-resistant and built to last 20-30 years.
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