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Address: 16210 Foster Street


City/State/Zip: Stilwell, KS, 66085


Phone: 800-733-9617


FAX: 913-402-8487




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Company Info: We are a direct importer for Christmas lighting products featuring all types of LED Christmas lighting.





C9 Bulbs

Introducing the latest LED technology - Our new SMD LED C7 and C9 bulbs shine brighter than standard LEDs, last twice as long (rated at 100,000 hours) and use just 1/2-watt of electricity per bulb. Better yet, we buy direct from the factory and pass the savings along to you. Learn more at

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Creative Displays provides professional-grade LED and incandescent holiday lights and strings, installation supplies, commercial displays, wreaths, garland and more - all at factory-direct, wholesale prices.

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LED Holiday Lights

LED holiday lights at wholesale ??? our factory-direct pricing saves you money on LED lighting, plus you??ll use 80 percent less electricity this holiday season.

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Commercial LED Lights

Commercial - grade LED lighting - LED lights in every size and shape ??? ropes, minis, strobes, icicles, C-7 and C-9 ??? all at factory-direct prices.

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LED Lights

Welcome to your LED headquarters. We've got LED lights in every color, size and shape for your holiday display - all at factory-direct prices!

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Commercial-Grade LED Minibrites

Unlike the retail-grade mini lights often sold in big box stores, our commercial-grade LED Minibrites?? are waterproof, crush-resistant and full-wave rectified.

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January 18, 2018, 11:48 pm PST

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