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Address: 2224 Gibraltar Rd


City/State/Zip: Santa Barbara, CA, 93015


Phone: 805-426-9690


FAX: 44-1293-871-575




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Company Info: Allison Armour whose work combines modern materials with classic geometrical shapes to add magic to gardens and other spaces. Allison also caters to large-scale projects for corporate work and special commissions for interiors or exteriors. The sculptures can be made any size and customized in a variety of ways.





Allison Armour

Garden of Reflections makes a fantastic addition to any garden, big or small, urban or rural and works throughout the year, including freezing conditions.

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Aqualens fountain

The standard size is a 5 foot dish with a 2 foot sphere but it can be made any size and customized in a variety of ways. It comes fully assembled, complete with everything you need. Just unwrap place in situ and plug in. The water recalculates so you don't even need a water feed Please look at my website for further options.

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Allison Armour

The latest artwork from an award-winning sculptor. The 5-meter diameter Moongate comes in a polished, marine grey stainless steel at Frimley4 Business Park in Surrey, England.

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