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Address: 2560 S. Birch Street


City/State/Zip: Santa Ana, CA, 92707


Phone: 714-850-9227


FAX: 714-850-9228




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Vendor Profile: Today, Instant Jungle International is a full-service wholesale/retail nursery that provides interior and exterior design, plant installation, and plant maintenance for residential, commercial and hospitality clients. We also offer short term plant rentals for special events and home staging to aid real estate sales. Although we specialize in tropical foliage, including bamboo, palms and succulents, we have an extensive catalog of more traditional plants and we offer customized silk creations for those situations when live plants are not viable. Our goal is to accommodate any request you may have! Come visit our Tropical Nursery in Southern California today!





Silk Plants

When live plants are not a viable option we have faux plants available. Whether you need a large specimen tree or a simple table arrangement for a dimly lit corner, we have the materials to bring color and design to your space.
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Plant Nursery

Instant Jungle has spent nearly 40 years specializing in palms, bamboos, specimen trees, and drought tolerant plants. We have a wide variety of both interior and exterior plants. Delivery, installation, and interior plant maintenance available.
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Living Walls

Living walls are a unique way to add life and color to a residential or commercial space. We design, plant, install and maintain interior and exterior, live and faux plant walls.
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