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Berkshire veneer is a split-faced product that offers the rugged durability you've come to expect from all Indiana Limestone products. The variation of height courses creates a classic and pleasing definition for both commercial and fine residential spaces. It is available as both a full bed and thin veneer.
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Rockford Estate Blend

Rockford Estate Blend displays the sense of permanence found only in natural stone. The distinct beauty of Indiana Limestone is apparent when set in place and it ages gracefully. Rockford veneers are used for various projects, ranging from homes to offices to fireplaces to landscaping, and are available in full bed and thin veneer.
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Vanderbilt Classic

Vanderbilt Classic is a sawn veneer that offers a strong, clean look for your next project. It is ideal for commercial and fine residential projects and is available in a full bed veneer. Vanderbilt Classic veneers offer versatility for projects that demand the finest building materials. They are available in full bed and thin veneer.
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Thin Veneer Sills

Indiana Limestone thin veneer sills are becoming the go-to product of choice for use on residential and commercial window sill design. Made from high-quality Indiana Limestone, our thin stone sills have the durability you've come to expect from all of our products, while providing the perfect finishing touch to any thin stone veneer project.
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Window sills by Indiana Limestone Company are the durable product of choice below window openings. The stone works to protect your home against water damage. These natural stone sills are an accent band for your next residential design.
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Pier Caps

Available in a variety of lengths, widths, and thicknesses, Indiana Limestone pier caps are the perfect trim piece for stone and brick because they provide extra protection for your design from the elements. These pier caps are the ideal addition to your project needs, as they are uniform in shape, color, and texture.
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Wall Caps

Indiana Limestone wall caps create a unique appearance for any wall design. With lasting performance and enduring beauty, wall caps are the ideal choice for those looking to emphasize class with a unique accent piece. This remarkably strong natural stone piece prevents water seepage and guarantees a classic appearance for decades to come.
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For over a century, Indiana Limestone Company has been a leading supplier of the world's finest limestone slabs. Indiana Limestone slabs are carefully extracted from quarries in Southern Indiana and can be cut to fit whatever project specifications you need for both residential and commercial design.
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A statement piece is always a must for any landscape design. An Indiana Limestone boulder can be the focal point or an accent for your landscaping project. Indiana Limestone boulders are incredibly durable and can add an extra measure of privacy for a residential design.
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Urban Hardscapes

An outdoor living space should be an oasis - an escape from the grind of the real world by walking into your backyard. Indiana Limestone Company is proud to introduce Urban Hardscapes Products, a versatile and beautiful landscaping line designed with this future in mind. Cool to the touch, it can be used for a vast array of outdoor projects.
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Estate Series

Indiana Limestone Estate Series Veneers offer the timeless accent and durability you need for your residential or commercial project. Our veneers are available in three distinctive looks: Berkshire, Vanderbilt Classic, and Rockford Estate Blend. Each pattern can provide a sophisticated and durable accent to your project and are available in full bed and thin veneer.
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Urban Hardscapes Pavers - Highpoint

Indiana Limestone Highpoint pattern pavers live up to their name by being able to provide the high point of your residential or commercial landscaping projects. Highpoint pattern pavers offer the durability and versatility that comes with all of our products.
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Urban Hardscapes Pavers - Modesto

Indiana Limestone pavers provide a distinct accent to your next landscaping design. Cut from the same quarries as all of Indiana Limestone's timeless products, our pavers laid in the Modesto pattern provide a versatility that can be applied to outdoor projects of any size in any space.
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Urban Hardscapes Pavers - Chesapeake

Indiana Limestone Chesapeake pattern pavers offer a timeless natural stone design option. Repeating the pattern once per pallet, our Chesapeake pattern can be used for patios, pools, and walkways. Indiana Limestone pavers are versatile and can be used for landscape design projects of varying shapes and sizes.
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Urban Hardscapes Pavers

Limestone pavers will bring a landscape design to life for any architect or contractor. Pavers are available in standard single paver size pallets, as well as in a mixed-pallet for pre-designed patterns including Chesapeake, Modesto, and Highpoint. Indiana Limestone pavers provide unmatched durability and style.
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Urban Hardscapes Garden Wall

As a dry-stacked non-retaining product, limestone garden walls are a perfect option for shallow floral beds and accent landscaping elements. Available in 3" and 6" heights, they are cut on-site to achieve a broad variety of looks.
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