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Address: 23171 Groesbeck Hwy


City/State/Zip: Warren, MI, 48089


Phone: 586-774-5650


FAX: 586-774-5706




Contact: More Information


Company Info: The UniPost design begins with the concept of vertical channels. Not only are these channels aesthetically pleasing by creating a unique new look they are the basis of the UniPost integrated bracket system. This exclusive bracket system is non-restrictive by design. Our system allows for the attachment of virtually any sign or fixture. Brackets and collars can also be used for items such as banner arms. But it doesnt end there. It also allows for the repositioning removal or addition of brackets with just a turn of the wrench and WITHOUT damage to the pole itself.UniPost stands out in todays market. It also has the ability to stand out at night with our reflective tape option. Utilizing this option accents and highlights the poles design and compliments the fixture. The reflective quality provided is a sight to see. The light reflected from within the channels bounces directly back increasing safety while attaining the WOW factor.The UniPost is produced in our 52000 square foot manufacturing plant located in Warren Michigan. This plant features the finest fabrication equipment along with the latest state of the art powder coating system. We have dedicated ourselves to the design fabrication finishing and packaging of this high quality product. The UniPost strictly adheres to the standards set forth by AASHTO and ASCE.The UniPost and all of our various arms bases and attachments are strongly backed by our in-house marketing and sales group consulting engineers and a national group of professional sales representatives. Not only is the UniPost a unique product in the lighting industry the office team at UniPost stands above the rest. We firmly believe that a unique quality product is just the beginning. In todays business world there is not enough emphasis placed on the value of quality customer service or the talent it takes to provide it. We have taken great lengths to put together and train on an on-going basis a team of professionals who not only provide the absolute highest quality customer service but continue to strive to reach beyond your expectations.





Integrated bracket system

Form meets Function! Vertical channels ??? Integrated bracket system: attach / remove / reposition with ease and without damage to the pole! Clean, sharp look!

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unique Form and Function design

With it??s unique Form and Function design, it??s being hailed by all who have seen it and its visual presentation is just the beginning.

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Introducing LED Uni-Verse

Introducing LED Uni-Verse! Form, Function and Energy Efficiency all combined into one aesthetically pleasing package. Integrated bracket system: attach, remove, reposition with ease and without damage to the pole!

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An integrated bracket system

An integrated bracket system: repositioning, removal or addition of brackets (flower pot hangers / banner arms, etc.) without removing fixture or damaging the pole.

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Functional integrated bracket system

Visually pleasing and functional integrated bracket system.?? Attach, remove and reposition accessories (banners, flowerpots, flags) with ease and without damage.

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May 27, 2018, 2:51 am PDT

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