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Natural Sustainable SOILutions by Tri-C OrganicsClick For Directions


Address: PO Box 1367


City/State/Zip: Chino, CA, 91708


Phone: 909-590-1790


FAX: 909-590-3301




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Company Info: Tri-C Enterprises creates products that enhance soil and plant health and contribute to the environment in a positive way. The humate and mycorrhizal products are naturally occurring sustainable materials or fungi that provide essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of soil and plants. Tri-C Sustainable Organics are used in landscape construction and maintenance erosion control tree installation and maintenance growing nurseries storm water run-off safe agriculture native and drought tolerant plants all soil types interior and exterior planting.





Tri-C Soluble Humate Powder

Organic Soil Conditioner for Liquid Application Methods CONTAINS NON PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT: 35% Humic Acids & 30% Organic Matter Uses: Hydroponic, drip, spray, foliar & soil applications. Benefits : ALLOWS application of organic soil conditioner via liquid applications. Improves Soil Aeration, Improves Soil Workability, Increased Water Holding, Reduces Soil Erosion, Improves Drought Tolerance, Neutralizes Soil pH, Increased Ion Exchange, Regulates Fertilizer in Rootzone, Reduces Plant Stress, Accelerates Seed Germination, Increases + Microorganisms, Increases Root Growth, Increases Nutrient Uptake, Increases Photosynthesis. Available in the following sizes: 1 lb. Jar, 12 lb. Pail

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Tri-C 6-2-4 + 5% S

2 products...1 application SOIL CONDITIONER & FERTILIZER GRANULAR. Highly concentrated natural conditioner improves poor soil. Cost 50-60% less than competitor (more than TWICE the coverage.)

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Tri-C Humate Plus

GRANULAR and Easy to Apply. 7% Calcium and 5% Sulfur too! Helps lower pH and Sodium. Concentrated natural soil conditioner w/ Gypsum. Enhances other soil amendments and improves poor soil conditions.

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Tri-C Humate

100% highly concentrated granular organic soil conditioner. Over 20 naturally occurring micronutrients. All NPK per soil and plant needs. Approved for "Certified" organic growers. OMRI LISTED & OIM (Calif)

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Tri-C Myco Revival Plus

Myco Revival Plus is an exceptional sustainable organic soil conditioner and mycorrhizal product. The environmentally beneficial water saving products are a Natural SOILution for all landscape projects.

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Soil conditioners and mycorrhizae products.

Creators of exceptional sustainable organic soil conditioners and mycorrhizal products. Environmentally beneficial water saving products are a Natural SOILution!

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TRI-C Humate and Mycorrhizae Products

TRI-C Humate and Mycorrhizal Products are natural materials or fungi, providing essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of soil and plants. Soil analysis service available. Tri-C Products are naturally sustainable!

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TRI-C Myco Revival Plus

TRI-C Myco Revival Plus, the ultimate organic formula for thriving plants, this soil conditioner and micronized mycorrhizae creates healthy soil and robust roots.

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Soil conditioners and mycorrhizae products.

A BLEND of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi. A fungi blend provides applications for broad-spectrum plant pallets. Easy application with tea bag packaging for individual plants. Benefits include: Early Growth; Early Rooting; Decreased Water and Fertilizer user; Increased Pathogen suppression, Improved Soil Structure. 500 paks per case or 50 pak packages.

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TRI-C Myco Drench

Photo shown is before and after using product TRI-C Myco Drench. BLEND of endo ecto mycorrhizal fungi + other components creating a dynamic solution for topical application: Use on EXISTING or NEW LANDSCAPE. 13 select mycorrhizal fungi well suited for a variety of soils, climates, trees and plants. Easy application: GOES INTO SOLUTION FOR DRENCHING, INJECTING, TOPICAL APPLICATION. Micronizing allows movement through the soil when applied on surface.

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Tri-C Premium Humate Natural Granular Soil Conditioner

Creates Super Healthy Soil Tri-C Premium Humate - with 35% Humid acids, Greens grade, 50 lb. bag.

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Tri-C Myco

Creates Bigger, Better Roots Tri-C Myco Tabs - 17 species Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi and 17-9-5 NPK. A bneficial fungi and nutrient source in one application. Tri-C Myco Paks - Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae in a tea bag. Tri-C Myco Drench - 13 Species Endo-Ecto for existing plants. 1 lb. makes 200 gallons. Topical. Tri-C Myco Revival Plus - (8 Endo-Ecto Mycarnizae and Tri-C Humate) 28 oz. shaker/12 lb. pail. All the benefits of Tri-C Humate and Mycorrhizae in one product. Topical.

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