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Vendor Profile: Tri-C Enterprises creates products that enhance soil and plant health and contribute to the environment in a positive way. The humate and mycorrhizal products are naturally occurring sustainable materials or fungi that provide essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of soil and plants. Tri-C Sustainable Organics are used in landscape construction and maintenance erosion control tree installation and maintenance growing nurseries storm water run-off safe agriculture native and drought tolerant plants all soil types interior and exterior planting.





Tri-C 6-2-4 + 5% S

2 products...1 application SOIL CONDITIONER & FERTILIZER GRANULAR. Highly concentrated natural conditioner improves poor soil. Cost 50-60% less than competitor (more than TWICE the coverage.)
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Tri-C Humate Plus

GRANULAR and Easy to Apply. 7% Calcium and 5% Sulfur too! Helps lower pH and Sodium. Concentrated natural soil conditioner w/ Gypsum. Enhances other soil amendments and improves poor soil conditions.
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Tri-C Humate

100% highly concentrated granular organic soil conditioner. Over 20 naturally occurring micronutrients. All NPK per soil and plant needs. Approved for "Certified" organic growers. OMRI LISTED & OIM (Calif)
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Tri-C Myco Revival Plus

Myco Revival Plus is an exceptional sustainable organic soil conditioner and mycorrhizal product. The environmentally beneficial water saving products are a Natural SOILution for all landscape projects.
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Soil conditioners and mycorrhizae products.

Creators of exceptional sustainable organic soil conditioners and mycorrhizal products. Environmentally beneficial water saving products are a Natural SOILution!
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TRI-C Humate and Mycorrhizae Products

TRI-C Humate and Mycorrhizal Products are natural materials or fungi, providing essential elements and microbes necessary for the robust health of soil and plants. Soil analysis service available. Tri-C Products are naturally sustainable!
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TRI-C Myco Revival Plus

TRI-C Myco Revival Plus, the ultimate organic formula for thriving plants, this soil conditioner and micronized mycorrhizae creates healthy soil and robust roots.
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Soil conditioners and mycorrhizae products.

A BLEND of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi. A fungi blend provides applications for broad-spectrum plant pallets. Easy application with tea bag packaging for individual plants. Benefits include: Early Growth; Early Rooting; Decreased Water and Fertilizer user; Increased Pathogen suppression, Improved Soil Structure. 500 paks per case or 50 pak packages.
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TRI-C Myco Drench

Photo shown is before and after using product TRI-C Myco Drench. BLEND of endo ecto mycorrhizal fungi + other components creating a dynamic solution for topical application: Use on EXISTING or NEW LANDSCAPE. 13 select mycorrhizal fungi well suited for a variety of soils, climates, trees and plants. Easy application: GOES INTO SOLUTION FOR DRENCHING, INJECTING, TOPICAL APPLICATION. Micronizing allows movement through the soil when applied on surface.
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Tri-C Premium Humate Natural Granular Soil Conditioner

Creates Super Healthy Soil Tri-C Premium Humate - with 35% Humid acids, Greens grade, 50 lb. bag.
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Tri-C Myco

Creates Bigger, Better Roots Tri-C Myco Tabs - 17 species Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi and 17-9-5 NPK. A bneficial fungi and nutrient source in one application. Tri-C Myco Paks - Endo-Ecto Mycorrhizae in a tea bag. Tri-C Myco Drench - 13 Species Endo-Ecto for existing plants. 1 lb. makes 200 gallons. Topical. Tri-C Myco Revival Plus - (8 Endo-Ecto Mycarnizae and Tri-C Humate) 28 oz. shaker/12 lb. pail. All the benefits of Tri-C Humate and Mycorrhizae in one product. Topical.
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