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T. Christy Enterprises, Inc.Click For Directions


Address: 655 E Ball Rd


City/State/Zip: Anaheim, CA, 92805


Phone: 714-507-3300


FAX: 714-507-3310




Contact: More Information


Company Info: T. Christy Enterprises is one of North Americas largest manufacturers of adhesives solvents and sealants with over 40 years of experience. Our Red Hot Blue Glue is the number one top-rated solvent cement in the irrigation industry!





Gray PVC Pipe Cement

For pipe sizes with interference fit thru 12" all schedules and classes, non-pressure applications thru 18". For Potable water, pressure, non-pressure, conduit, drain, duct, DWV, and sewer.

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Flex Pro PVC Pipe Cement

Premium, high-strength formula for flexible pipe and fitting. Also can be used on rigid PVC pipe and fittings. For pipe sizes thru 6' all schedules and classes. Scheduled 20 thru 4". For pressure and non-pressure pool, spa, bath, irrigation, portable water, DWV, sewer, drain, gas duct, and conduit applications.

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Wet or Dry PVC Pipe Cement

Like the name says, it is formulated to work across a wide range of weather and site conditions. Wet or Dry sets and cures extremely fast, helping you maximize your productivity. Premium formula allows for fast re-pressurization. Can be used without a primer for non-pressure systems up to 6″ and pressure systems below 4″, if local codes permit. For PVC pipe and fitting applications; potable water, pressure, non-pressure, conduit, drain, duct, DWV, and sewer.

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