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Address: 102 West Kaskia Ste 201


City/State/Zip: Paola, KS, 66071


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Vendor Profile: Splashtacular engineers designers and manufacturing experts turn metal and fiberglass into swerving twisting water-filled works of art. As the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of a World Waterpark Association Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers we know a thing or two about creating unique waterpark experiences. Our waterpark attractions are the things adventures laughs memories and profitable seasons are made of.





Waterslides/Play Units

Splashtacular engineers, designers and manufacturing experts turn metal and fiberglass into swerving, twisting, water-filled works of art. We deliver on uniquely fun, safe and durable waterslides, features and play units.
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Waterslides that are engineered for fun, designed for your budget, and take guests' breath away. From body slides, speed slides, drop slides, raft slides, family slides and kiddie racers to splash bowls, Splashtacular has a full range of waterslides for indoor and outdoor environments. Multiple configurations. Nearly 200 color options. Circular profile. Translucent effects. Light and sound packages. Our design team has everything they need to work water slide magic befitting your park and your target demographic.
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Body Slides

Splashtacular's body slides deliver a full range of ride experiences. Large or small, indoor or outdoor, open or enclosed, our slides can be engineered to fit any environment and budget. Our open body slides are special because we use helical parts with built-in risers for fewer seams and a smoother ride. Our slides' profiles are circular, making it far more comfortable and safer than a traditional U-shaped slide.
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Raft Slides

Splashtacular's raft rides offer a thrilling and smooth ride with twists, turns and drops to keep the action exciting. Available translucent effects, lights and sound packages only add to the fun and make each ride a different experience every time.
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Aquatic Play Units

Aquatic play units for the young and the young at heart. Strong, safe and appealing - everything you want in a play unit. Made entirely from stainless steel, not just the submerged sections, our play units offer a high level of corrosion resistance for easier upkeep and reduced maintenance costs in the long run. Made exclusively in the U.S., you never worry about meeting or exceeding industry standards or global shipping delaying your project.
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Spray Features

It's no coincidence how Splashtacular's spray features take interactive play to another level. As a stand-alone feature or an addition to a play unit, spray features are fun magnets. There's just something about them that guests - young and old - simply can't resist. Like the rest of our product line, our spray features are made from stainless steel for durability and available in nearly 200 colors.
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Lazy Rivers

Imagine your guests floating along the lazy river. Then splash! A spray feature takes guests by surprise via added controls or keeps them in anticipation with a good soaking just around the bend. Spray features bring interaction to lazy rivers. Creative design matches them to your park's theme for an immersive environment.
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Indoor or out, seasonal or year-round, the only way to command premium ticket prices and drive attendance is to push the boundaries and be uniquely marketable. We focus on what matters most: reducing the amount of infrastructure so you can invest your resources above the ground. And three years down the road, when you're ready to expand or take your theme to the next level, Splashtacular will be here to see it through just like we have been for the past 20 years.
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Special Effects

When your project calls for a special solution, Splashtacular's veteran design team's imagination and technical know-how combine like super powers to generate a genius idea. Wow guests with a multi-sensory experience of sight, touch and sound. Custom light and sound packages can be added to any new or existing waterslide design. Or bring on the light show with translucent bands.
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Park guests never want the fun to end. And you certainly don't want to shut an area or ride down for problems and maintenance. Keep It New(TM) Maintenance involves interior and exterior recoating services to revive worn, damaged and faded surfaces back to their original luster. With nearly 200 colors available, you can match your existing color scheme or go for a completely new look.
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We Deliver on the "What Ifs"

Splashtacular's designers, engineers and manufacturers answer "What if we..." questions about waterslides, water features and aquatic play units every day. Questioning the status quo is what gave us solutions to saving water through triple gasketing. It's what drove us to develop proprietary software to give us the ultimate in design flexibility. It's what led us to create a revolutionary clear coat for exterior UV protection. We push boundaries and deliver on the "what ifs" every day. If you've ever asked "what if" about your waterpark, we'll help you find the answer.
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