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Pacific Fibre and Rope / Netting CoClick For Directions


Address: 903 Flint St


City/State/Zip: Wilmington, CA, 90744


Phone: 310-834-4567


FAX: 310-835-6781




Contact: More Information


Company Info: We have been in the rope business for 90 years and have sold rope synthetic and natural fiber ropes for landscaping as well as rope nets for playgrounds equipped for children as well as for adults. No job is to small or to large. Just give us a call or email us and we will be happy to work with you on any project that you may have.





Rope Bridge

We have been in the business of making rope nets and climbing ropes for 90 years. We specialize in make custom items for playgrounds, and anything that is for outdoors.

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Climbing Ropes for Kids

Climbing ropes are a great landscaping design to build big toys for kids to climb on.

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Ropes for Parks

If you're designing landscaping for a park or amusement park we have a rope or ropes ready to be custom made for your needs. We will custom cut and make the rope you need for your design.

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Ropes for Swings and Seats

If you're looking for a quality and sturdy rope to hand a bench, seat, or a hanging bed! We have what you're looking for in all sizes and density.

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Climbing and Cargo Nets

Our Climbing and Cargo Nets are popular with landscapers for the kids swings and tree houses as well as for designing the look of the backyard. Furthermore, for parks and businesses exterior landscaping. You will see our Climbing and Cargo Nets are being used by numerous military training bases, local sheriff facilities, amusement parks. Similarly, in major motion pictures and commercials. Furthermore, you'll see them in mud-run courses, and rope challenge courses. Likewise, in local fitness centers, schools, backyard tree houses, and pirate ship themes.

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Climbing Ropes

Climbing Ropes are our most popular, whether for jumping or climbing. They can add to any landscaping design. They have the greatest "cool" factor with clients, truly feel like an old-school fitness tool and they will challenge you. Available in lengths of 15', 18', 20', 22', or 24' feet. All Manila Ropes come finished with rubber handles and center friction guard.

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