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Address: 1119 North Boulevard


City/State/Zip: Baton Rouge, LA, 70802


Phone: 727-742-3230


FAX: 504-866-7771




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Company Info: Bella Dura translates as beautiful durable and we only produce beautiful and durable Natural Stone architectural appointments from the Limestone of the Yucatan for residential and commercial projects. We are a forty-year company with its own quarrying and fabrication facility in the Yucatan of Mexico.Our Service is to Consult Fabricate and Deliver great design made from our Limestone of the Yucatan for architectural projects. Our Specialty is the production of Custom Dimensional Natural Stone architectural appointments. Our Philosophy is that our Limestone of the Yucatan will make your home or commercial property look and feel wonderful while equally improving the banking appraisal value.Designing and building with Dimensional Stone has its own set of rules for efficiency in the fabrication and installation process. This is where our expertise and knowledge can help. We most often assist architects builders contractors designers and sole clients by assessing the look to be achieved and recommend the best way to accomplish it.Our celebrated Craftsmen own a long heritage of working the Limestone of the Yucatan and we quarry the stone and hand carve and/or machine tool to specified design at our factory. Generations of Yucatan stone carvers result in our excellence in craftsmanship. Testimonial to this heritage are the celebrated UNESCO archaeological sites throughout the region forward to the contemporary use of stone in regional architecture.Our logistics from factory to job site are long established. Factory finished product is transported 15 miles to the Port of Progresso where by sea the voyage is on the average 52 hours to several ports serving the Gulf Coast. Our land freight service delivers directly to your jobsite. We also ship global.Building with the Limestone of the Yucatan proves aesthetically pleasing highly durable low maintenance high thermal mass blends well with the natural landscape and it is recyclable which renders Natural Stone as a valued sustainable material. It is a valued alternation to man-made products and it is a fact that lending institutions value Natural Stone positively for increased property value and fire rating. Enhance your environment with Natural Stone. It is timeless and one of the smartest decisions you can make.





natural stone

Bella Dura produces Natural Stone architectural appointments for residential and commercial projects. Dimensional Limestone is our specialty. We quarry and own our fabrication facility in the Yucatan of Mexico.

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Bella Dura Architectural Stone

We are producers of natural stone architectural stone. Stone caps, finials and base courses are incorporated into a brick and wrought iron fence.

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May 25, 2018, 5:11 pm PDT

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