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Berliner Seilfabrik Play EquipmentClick For Directions


Address: 48 Brookfield Oaks Dr, Ste D


City/State/Zip: Greenville, SC, 29607


Phone: 864-627-1092


FAX: 864-627-1178




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Company Info: In almost 50 years Berliner Seilfabrik has established its name as the worlds leading manufacturer of rope based play equipment. The innovation and uniqueness of its living playgrounds ensures interactive challenging and invaluable fun for kids of all ages. Climbing swinging and balancing encourage agility coordination strength and achievement in a playful environment. The state of the art technology as well as its products compliance with all relevant safety standards provides accessible play value to generations of children. With Berliner Seilfabrik North American headquarters based out of Greenville SC there is no reason for any child to be declined access to the creative world of Berliner play equipment.






Berliner, Play equipment for life. Specializing in rope based play structures for over 45 years. Innovative and unique, ensuring interactive play, and fun for kids of all ages. State of the art technology built to last for generations.

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playground structures

Berliner creates and builds exciting playgrounds always keeping in mind safety, accessibility, play value and excitement for kids of all ages. High-quality ropes, stainless steel and unique custom combinations are the forefront. To the left is our 'Trii.2/Trii.3 Combination' and to the right the 'Joe Brown Globe'.

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Cloud 9 Soar

Let's fly on the cloud! Fun, interactive team swinging coupled with our world-renowned quality and design makes the new, accessible multi-user Cloud 9 soar.

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Abakus 2.1

Abakus 2.1 offers extraordinary design in stainless steel. The intelligent seesaw has three movable balls for balancing different weights.

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Play Equipment

Within this compacted space, kids can stretch, climb, jump, bounce, traverse, and hang, as well as hang-out with friends and so much more.

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Rope Play Equipment

A leading specialist in rope play equipment and one of the first ever to build a spatial net for playgrounds, has opened its North American headquarters in Greenville, S.C.

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UFO Play Equipment

With the UFOs, children of all ages can explore, play and climb galaxies where no children have gone before. Unlimited play value combined with exceptional design and quality, stressing Berliner Seilfabrik's approach to play equipment.

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The Speedway

The Speedway is elegant, but sturdy design offers unmatched integrity. Without needing bulky supports, the zip line can easily carry its users along 100 feet. Movement is fascinating for children because it is always exciting and fun to jump, turn, swing or see-saw, so we made movement the core of all our play equipment.

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Neptun XXL

Neptun XXL - America's tallest net climber! Berliner Seilfabrik's 30' tall giant net climber can accommodate more than 200 children. First installed on the North American continent in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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Berliner Seilfabrik Greenville Modular System

Greenville is a Modular System to a magical world. Feel free to mix the modules to design an individual play world that is going to match the surrounding landscape perfectly. We love to see how much fun children have on the equipment and how the movement within the spatial net helps develop strength, wisdom and ability to concentrate.

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Greenville - Living Playgrounds

Greenville - Living playgrounds as varied, secure and durable as possible - this is the intention of planners and architects and it is ours as well.

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Berliner Seilfabrik's Spaceballs

Berliner Seilfabrik's Spaceballs are space wonders. Despite the small footprint, there is enough volume to accommodate lots of students. The climbing strengthens their body and mind during recess and helps them focus back in the class.

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The Trii

The Trii offers a variety of ascent and descent components. Hovering on curved posts, individual Triis can be easily connected to form tree house settlements.

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Greenville Bamboo Meets High-Tech. The revolutionary combination between the stainless steel framework and real bamboo panels ensures durability and emphasizes nature's beauty in the most sustainable way.

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Play Structures

Berliner creates and builds exciting themed playgrounds, such as the "Berlin.06" whale design. Play value, safe, enticing and accessible designs, plus high-quality ropes, stainless steel and unique custom combinations are at the forefront. Right: The Berliner Towradgi Ship and Tower 2.

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Berliner U-Rope

Start twisting and create your own unique climbing sculpture. Using original Berliner U-Rope, helical shape adapts to any landscape, no matter length.

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Joe Brown Collection - The Cube

Commemorating the American rope-play pioneer Joseph Brown, Berliner is revolutionizing the world of play yet again. The Cube's extraordinary design combines play value with art.

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January 21, 2018, 12:35 pm PST

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