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Baseline Systems


Address: 2700 E. Lanark St. Suite 100


City/State/Zip: Meridian, ID, 83642


Phone: 208-323-1634


FAX: 208-323-1834




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Vendor Profile: Water When You Need It.

Baseline is dedicated to providing the very best and smartest irrigation management solutions in the world. Through the intelligent use of smart technologies such as soil moisture sensors evapo-transpiration algorithms two-wire technologies and advanced watering algorithms we deliver healthier and more beautiful landscapes reduced installation and management effort and significantly reduced water use.






We manufacturer and sell decorative polyethylane forms for headwalls/endwalls for the ends of drainage pipe. These forms can be used for small retaining walls and as matching benches and planters. Decorative look is a stone-like appearance.
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October 18, 2017, 6:56 pm PDT

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