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Vendor Profile: Manufacturer of quality pond watergarden and lake supplies serving the industry for over 40 years.





Deluxe Pond Cover Tents

EasyPro Pond Products of Grant, Michigan is pleased to introduce deluxe pond cover tents as a complete pond or garden protection option. Strong 3/8" UV resistant nylon mesh netting is secured to the frame by full length sleeves rather than plastic clips that can break. Heavy duty fiberglass poles create a durable and solid frame. Simple two person assembly can be completed and installed over a pond in just minutes. Black mesh netting allows easy viewing of the pond with pond tent in place. Available in 8' x 10' and 10' x 14' sizes, these pond tents are larger than other common covers. Whether protecting fish from predators, keeping leaves and debris out of the water or securing your garden - these pond cover tents will provide years of use for the best value.
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Submersible pump/filter/UV

Submersible pump/filter/UV combination provides complete filtration in a compact, submersible unit. It is ideal for small and pre-formed ponds needing simple effective filtration.
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Axiom skimmer

Axiom skimmer in four sizes ??? 5000, 7000, 9000 and 11,000 gallons per hour. Features include: Pro-Series strength and ease of installation; pre-installed plumbing connections.
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Waterfall Diffuser Kit

This unique waterfall diffuser kit is great for building waterfalls in a variety of block walls for formal ponds and pools. It also makes an ideal starting point for streams.
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Multi-Vent Underliner System

Patented Multi-Vent Underliner System is innovative and cost-effective, designed to protect pond and lagoon liners from damage caused by methane gas.
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Mag Drive Pumps

We??ve added new mag drive pumps to the family of Tranquil D?cor water feature products. These pumps are ready for use in fountains and bubbler features with flow rates ranging from 85 gph to 1,000 gph. The mag drive design is compact and energy efficient. All models incorporate a built-in adjustable flow control.
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Complete Vianti Falls kits

Complete Vianti Falls kits include everything needed to build a waterfall using block of your choice. Spillway and basin made in USA.
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Ornamental Aeration Systems

Koi pond and ornamental aeration systems now come with Quick Sink self-weighted air tubing. LA5N and LA10N kits include energy efficient linear compressor.
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Pond management supplies

Offering a complete line of lake and pond management supplies including the Sentinel Deluxe Aeration systems. Now powered by Stratus ERP series compressors with two year warranty, the kits offer an energy efficient way to aerate ponds up to six acres.
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TM13500 pump

Model No.: TM13500 Engine: 1.5 HP Volts/Amps: 115/12 Maximum Head: 34 feet Special Features: Up to 13,500 GPH flow, 3" outlets, 30' power cord, thermal overload protection, oil-free design (ideal for fish ponds), top quality double mechanical seals. Warranty: 2 years Cost: $1,268.79
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Bottom drains

Bottom drains - the popular 4?? EasyPro EBD heavy-duty bottom drain has been redesigned and improved for 2011, with or without air diffuser.
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Submersible Pumps

The energy efficient, stainless steel ???TH?? series of submersible pumps from EasyPro are great for ponds, waterfalls and fountains. They are available in four sizes, with flows up to 6,000 gph, and carry a 2-year warranty.
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Tranquil Dcor Real Basalts

New Tranquil D?cor Real Basalts are core drilled to be turned into bubbling fountains. Polished top versions are available in 10??, 14??, 20??, 27?? or 35?? columns.
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Deluxe aeration system

Model No.: PA86D Weight: 235 lbs. Power Consumption: 5.7 amps at 115 volt Max Flow Rate: 7.5 cfm Special Features: Sentinel Deluxe aeration system is powered by a Stratus ERP, 3/4 horsepower dual rocking piston air compressor. Complete aeration system for ponds up to 4 acres includes compressor installed in lockable steel cabinet, 600' of Quick Sink tubing and four dual-membrane diffusers. Warranty: 2 years on compressor, 5 years on cabinet, tubing and diffusers Cost: $2,942.89
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Vianti Fire and Water Kits

New Vianti Fire and Water Kits! These self contained features combine the mesmerizing effects of both fire and water.
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Where To Buy Locator

EasyPro has created a ???where to buy?? locator for their distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Simply add your city, state or zip code, select the mileage you are willing to travel and we can tell you where the nearest distributor of EasyPro product is located and their contact information. To request your full color catalog or for more information on our products call (800) 448-3873 or visit
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Tranquil Dcor Real Basalts

Simple beauty of Tranquil D?cor Real Basalts - take your bubbling rock installations to a whole new level with this three piece set.
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Eco-Series waterfall diffusers

The 16" and 32" Eco-Series waterfall diffusers are made to last and faster to install than any other spillway on the market. Ideal for use at streams and in block walls.
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Water Fall lip extensions

EasyPro Pond Products of Grant, Mich., has designed 15?? lip extensions for their popular Vianti Falls line. Extending the waterfall from a wall is ideal for windy locations. This formal waterfall option is available in 4 sizes from 35?? to 71??.
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Cold Weather Bacteria

New seasonal boost cold weather bacteria is great for early spring and late fall treatments; works in water temperatures as low as 38?? F; enriched with barley.
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Large pump vault

Large pump vault and 18" extension has a larger diameter vault that can be used with multiple mag drive pumps: roto-molded for excellent strength.
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Cabrio LED light strips

See your pond in a new light, again and again... with new color changing Cabrio LED light strips. Add color in and around your pond to create your own lighting theme.
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Beneficial bacteria pack

There are three responses to a piece of design ??? yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. Cover three seasons with Seasonal Boost Package. Cold weather beneficial bacteria pack reduces buildup in water temperatures as low as 38??F. Ideal for spring pond start up and winterizing ponds in the fall. Packages include Seasonal Boost liquid bacteria and one ounce water soluble packets of sludge removing bacteria and enzymes. Available in two sizes. To request your full color catalog or for more information visit our website.
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Rock & Waterfall Cleaner Liquid

Rock & Waterfall Cleaner Liquid - commercial strength oxy-based cleaning - quickly and effectively clean rocks, waterfalls, water features, fountains, statues, plant pots, etc. Pour product into area with most active water movement for best mixing, the product lifts debris to pond surface where it can be removed by net or skimmer. EasyPro??s full lineup of water treatments now includes twenty unique products available in a range of sizes for many pond applications. These treatments are designed for use in water gardens, ponds and lakes. EasyPro water treatments are made in the USA.
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Dependable Spirit Pumps

Dependable Spirit Pumps Now Included in Just-A-Falls Kits Just-A-Falls kits are ideal for those looking for the sights and sounds of moving water but are either short on space or don?_t want the maintenance associated with a pond feature.
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Water Treatments

The full lineup of EasyPro water treatments now includes twenty unique products available in a range of sizes for many applications. These treatments are designed for use in small water features to lake size bodies of water and are made in the USA. New products include barley pellets, phosphate binder, water conditioner plus black pond dye and serenity pond dye.
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Plug & Go Filtration System

New deluxe filtration systems combine a pressurized bead filter with an external self priming pump and UV clarifier into one completely plumbed, ready to install filter system. Available in four sizes for ponds from 1,800 to 10,000 gallons.
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Stratus SRC series Gen 2

Stratus SRC series Gen 2 rocking piston compressors are specifically designed for the demanding job of 24-hour operation, available in 1/4 and 1/2 hp models.
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