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Rusty Oak Nursery


Address: 1547 Marks Rd, PO Box 436


City/State/Zip: Valley City, OH, 44280


Phone: 330-225-7704


FAX: 330-273-3834




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From Abies to Zelkova, Rusty Oak Nursery prides itself in offering both in our fields and our finishing yard a wide range of customary and hard-to-find specimen Shade, Ornamental and Evergreen Trees ranging from 1 3/4 " to 10" caliper and from 5 foot to 30 foot.
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Rusty Oak Nursery

Betula Nigra River birch tree is stately & versatile reaching 40' & tolerating dry to wet feet, sun to part shade, w/interesting catkins, beautiful peeling bark & bright yellow fall leaves, great for Alleys & Rain Gardens.
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October 21, 2017, 2:30 pm PDT

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