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Address: 330 Perry Hwy


City/State/Zip: Harmony, PA, 16037


Phone: 724-935-6850


FAX: 724-935-8233




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Company Info: For more than 10 years now Tucor has been developing and introducing new products to satisfy a broad variety of irrigation control requirements. And now Tucor is introducing a whole new way to think about and do irrigation.Tucors Total-Cycle Management solution uses weather stations in combination with soil-moisture sensors to provide the most accurate data about your sites irrigation needs. And accurate data means accurate irrigation so you use only the water you need conserving water and promoting plant health. By combining both climate and soil monitoring technologies along with Tucors intelligent controllers Total-Cycle Management provides you with irrigation scheduling you can trust.





Wireless Valves

Tucor's Nexus Wireless Valve Control is a complete wireless system for powering and operating your new or existing DC latching valves. Wireless networks are formed around a gateway embedded in the controller, which acts as the wireless network master device with one or more WVR (Battery Powered DC Latching Receiver.) The Nexus Wireless Valve Control System can connect irrigation valves, pump start relays, soil moisture sensors and flow sensors back to your new or existing controller.

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The LTD is a high value STAND-ALONE, decoder based, 2-Wire controller with a station and scheduling capacity of 1-50 Stations and 10 programs. It can operate up to 12 Stations simultaneously and run 10 Programs concurrently.

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THE RKD IS A STAND-ALONE, decoder based, 2-wire controller supporting from 1-100 Stations (valves.) It can operate up to 12 Stations simultaneously and run 10 Programs concurrently. The RKS can operate up to 10 Stations simultaneously and up to 100 valves; designed for converting conventional systems to Tucor's exceptional remote management system.

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The TDI brings Tucor's proven 2-wire technology to a standard controller. The TDI plugs directly into the outputs of a standard controller, allowing you to use that controller's interface but having all the advantages of Tucor's remarkable 2-wire system. Capable of operating up to 48 valves, the TDI can run ten valves at the same time and can actuate a valve up to 6,100 feet away. It can work with one Master Valve and a flow sensor, has an option for an additional 48 Stations, and contains many other advanced features and capabilities. The TDI will revolutionize and expand your irrigation possibilities. You'll view 2-wire decoder technology in a whole new light.

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Hybrid 3D

Hybrid 3D is a simple, innovative and inexpensive conversion system. Using your favorite conventional controller, Tucor's Hybrid 3D allows you to: add multiple valves to your existing system with wires already in place.

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March 24, 2018, 3:16 am PDT

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