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Address: 310 Holiday Avenue


City/State/Zip: Cannon Falls, MN, 55009


Phone: 507-263-3003


FAX: 507-263-3029




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Company Info: Sustainable landscaping is about natural-based functional and ecologically minded practices that actively help professional growers and communities. Since 1988 Sustne Natural Fertilizer is proud to be a part of the global movement toward building a more sustainable world. Better land management protection of our waters saving and rebuilding soils improving lawns and landscape beds serving landscape contractors and homeowners alike all through the utilization of recycled renewable natural resources. Sustnes granulated organic and natural base slow release fertilizers are produced in Minnesota and available through local distributors.





Sustane Microbial Diversity

o Sustane quality assurance testing exceeds government regulatory standards so it is safe to use in any growing situation.

o Sustane's 180-day aerobic composting and manufacturing processes are proven to eliminate harmful pathogens.

o Sustane dry granule composts harbor diverse groups of bacteria including some that have been used in commercial biostimulant products to improve plant growth and health.

o Some Bacillus spp. found in Sustane may improve plant growth and health by solubilizing soil phosphorus, suppressing plant pathogens, and/or secreting phytohormone-like substances.

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Sustane Natural Fertilizers Agriculture

Sustane provides the performance and precision of a slow release fertilizer while supplying enhanced soil microbial diversity. Sustane is the world's leading manufacturer and exporter of organic and natural fertilizers for all green industries. Sustane's products are designed for organic farming and gardening, horticulture, landscape and native plant establishment.

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Sustane Turfgrass

Sustane Natural Fertilizers play an important role in rapid establishment for grow-in's and renovations, turf maintenance and for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Cool season and warm season grasses on all soil types; sand capped fairways, decomposed granite base, heavy clay and native soils - Sustane organic contributes to the success of each project over a wide range of designs in varied climates each with unique agronomic conditions and requirements.

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Sustane Turfgrass Fertility Specifications for Environmentally Sensitive Areas

o Enhanced natural environment through Rapid turfgrass establishment.

o Long lasting soil nutrition. Reduced pesticide requirements.

o Very low environmental impact organic based fertilizer program.

o Low carbon footprint fertilizer manufacturing from renewable resources.

o Reduced energy required for shipping and application.

o Optimal Turfgrass Growth - Minimal Loss to the Environment.

o Satisfied neighbors. Sustainably designed and managed projects.

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Sustane Nursery, Greenhousse, and Landscape

Sustane introduces the first true organic fertilizer designed and developed for the professional nursery, greenhouse and landscape company. Sustane offers a range of formulations from 100% organic to organic with controlled release fertilizers that reduce cost and enhance "green" production. Sustane produces predictable results, dependable performance, and high quality plants. Sustane Organic and Sumicoat Controlled Release Fertilizers are the new generation of environmentally friendly fertilizers.

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Sustane Erosion Control & Bioremediation

o Produces rapid plant establishment with long lasting fertility, reducing the need for repeat applications.

o Manufactured from recycled, renewable agricultural materials and naturally occurring minerals.

o Low environmental impact. No leaching, runoff or volatization. Cost effective fertilization.

o Total plant nutrition, contains all elements essential for plant photosynthesis.

o Rich in humic substances and high in microbial diversity help build and hold in place erosive soils.

o Tested and developed for varied climates and ecosystems since 1988. Made in America...Used Worldwide.

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Sustane Natural and Organic 4-Step Lawn Program

Sustane Natural Fertilizers are an important part of the sustainable management of professional turfgrass around the world. Golf courses, athletic stadiums, equestrian tracks, arboretums and resorts, amusement and public parks rely on Sustane to grow the highest quality turf and landscapes. The same products that are trusted by professional and commercial growers are now available for your home lawn, garden and landscape.

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Natural Fertilizer

Sustane Organic and Natural Base Fertilizers and Soil Builders combine multiple benefits of high quality, mature compost loaded with beneficial biology. Sustane is derived from aerobic, concentrated compost - rich in humus, dense in nutrients and biologically active.

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May 24, 2018, 8:30 pm PDT

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