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Address: PO Box 1088


City/State/Zip: Corona, CA, 92878


Phone: 951-371-1844


FAX: 951-278-9976




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Company Info: Explore our Baseball Equipment Store Softball Equipment Store Basketball Equipment Store Volleyball Equipment Store and Gymnasium Equipment Store to find a wide selection of products including baseball pitching machines softball pitching machines (by Jugs Atec etc.) scoreboards (basketball scoreboards and other sports scoreboards) basketball backboards windscreen baseball field equipment baseball hitting aids sports netting portable bleachers line markers field maintenance equipment bicycle racks (bike racks) and much more!





Nylon Softball Batting Cage Net

(12' High x 14' Wide x 55' Long) Nets are #36 weather treated knotted nylon with a breaking strength of 380 lbs. Nets are 1-3/4?? mesh hung on the square for less sag, more durability and better fit. Poly rope border on perimeter of all netting panels. 3 poly ropes run the length of the cage roof to reduce sagging. Includes extra baffle net to resist wear behind batter. Frames are sold separately.

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Daktronics BA-2518-R/A Scoreboard

Your new Daktronics Baseball/Softball scoreboard features state of the art electronics, the choice of new Super Bright LED (Red-Orange or Amber are available) or Incandescent Light Bulb Displays and lightweight aluminum weatherproof cabinets in your choice of over 150 colors. Your new Daktronics Scoreboard comes complete with a separate control console that sends information to the scoreboard. The control console will need to be linked to the scoreboard with the purchase of a Control Cable that gets buried in the ground or the purchase of the Radio Control (wireless) option. Installation will be a consideration for your new scoreboard and Tomark Sports can assist you with information on recommended beam sizes, footing sizes, and electrical requirements, etc. Purchase a transmitter for scoreboard and a receiver for control console, and eliminate the need for control cable. LED technology has been heralded as "The Best invention in lighting since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb". LED technology is now used in traffic lights, automotive tail lights and a host of other products. Compared to incandescent lighting, LEDs are more robust (there is no fragile filament to break). LEDs use typically 80% less power to run and last up to 16 times longer. Best of all, these digits look amazing due to high-visibility brightness, greater contrast and increased viewing angles.

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Deluxe Bleachers

Deluxe Bleachers are the same as Preferred Bleachers with the addition of riser closure on all rows and vertical aisles with handrails. 15' long bleachers have aisles on the end, 21' & 27' long bleachers have aisles in the center of the bleacher. Single seat planks. Double foot planks on all rows. Riser closure on all rows. Vertical aisles and handrails. 3 row bleacher under 30" high, no guardrail needed. Rows: 3, Length: 21', Seats: 36, Overall Depth: 4' 10", Guardrail: None.

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Youre Safe is Tomarks Best Price Guarantee

You are SAFE when you place an order with Tomark Sports. Along with being your Baseball/Softball Resource. Tomark prides itself in offering a wide range of quality products and services at the lowest prices in the industry.

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