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Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc


Address: P.O. Box 1181


City/State/Zip: Grants Pass, OR, 97528


Phone: 541-476-3985


FAX: 541-476-1581




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Vendor Profile: Mycorrhizal Applications Inc






MycoApply mycorrhizal inoculants reduce transplant shock & drought stress by expanding plant root mass, maximizing nutrient efficiency, & increasing plants' ability to access, utilize, & store water. With the highest diversity of mycorrhizal species & multiple modes of application available, MycoApply remains the industry standard for professional mycorrhizal products.
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Myco Apply

Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc. produces the highest quality beneficial mycorrhizal fungal inoculums that dramatically increase nutrient uptake and transplant survival, reduce water and fertility needs and improve soil and root structure.
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Mycorrhizal Applications, Inc

The world??s leader in the production of diverse, quality, mycorrhizal inoculum. Twelve independent research institutions have recently evaluated our MycoApply?? products and documented improved plant establishment, growth and nutrition.
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Mycorrhizal Applications

MycoApply Mycorrhizal Products produces high quality, diverse products. These two root tips have been colonized by Mycorrhizal filaments.
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