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Address: P.O. Box 220, 2507 Tully Road


City/State/Zip: Hughson, CA, 95326


Phone: 800-426-5615


FAX: 360-230-2322




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Rockhound Attachments is the original manufacturer of the Rockhound Landscape Rake. Being one of Bobcats first five attachments the Rockhound quickly became known to contractors for removal of rocks and debris from their job sites. To get more information on the Rockhound 72B Landscape Rake go to Look and see what the Rockhound BrushHound Attachments has to offer today! From landscape rakes to skid steer mount flail mowers and shredders including our popular EX Series flail mowers and shredder for excavators and backhoes.





RockHound Attachments

Designed to clear medium to dense brush and up to 8?? in diameter hardwoods. The FX26 DEFENDER is equipped with 21 quad sided cutters that makes this Forestry Cutter with your compact excavator ideal to help defend your property from wildfire. The standard high strength light weight design is also equipped with a thumb saddle for the flexibility of having one more tool at your disposal.

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RockHound Attachments

Picks up rocks down to 3/4 inches. The hydraulic cylinder opens top cover-for easy dumping. It allows the bucket to be used to scrape high spots.

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RockHound Attachments

This light weight utility flail mower will help you easily Maintain your property from overgrowth and keep a clean manicured landscape. Available in 60?? and 72?? cutting widths and requires low horse power. Cost effective for the small acreage land & home owner.

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RockHound Attachments

The original RockHound landscape rake eliminates hand raking by moving rocks and debris into a bucket while leveling surfaces for a one step seed bed preparation process.

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The Rock Tough Tiller is a skid steer mounted attachment which makes seedbed preparation in basic gardening or lawn/ landscaping a breeze. For more information call 800-426-5615 or visit

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