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Address: P. O. Box 367


City/State/Zip: Hiawatha, IA, 52233


Phone: 319-294-0001


FAX: 319-294-0003




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Company Info: Erlau manufactures environmentally-friendly outdoor furnishings for tough environmentsWire meshWe have been manufacturing processing and finishing the best quality products here in Aalen for over 50years. Even the source material wire is drawn here. We are therefore capable of designing and producing special features such as our patented wire mesh density for areas where more stability and less transparency is desired.CoatingWe use the branded product Rilsan which is produced from pure natural sources derived from the castor-oil plant for the powder-coating of our metal parts. For its environmental friendliness it has been presented with the International Design Prize silver award for Baden Wuerttemberg 2008 and awards from Focus Green as well as the Japan Organics Recycling Association. Our furniture is covered with a 350 micron coating which guarantees a long product lifespan and good insulation.The result is that Erlau furniture even at extremely high temperatures never warms up beyond 42 C (108 F).This offers a considerable advantage over benches made of wood stone or from pure metal. Our quick-drying pore-free powder-coating is extremely dirt resistant. Our metal parts are completely galvanized. You receive a 10-year anti-rust guarantee on all of our Erlau products.Anti-Graffiti CoatingFor optimal protection of your Erlau furniture you can receive upon request and exclusively from Erlau an anti-graffiti coating. This makes it possible to wipe away smears of all sorts using a biodegradable paint remover. Even stickers can be effortlessly removed. In addition this extra coating gives extra protection against dust and air pollution. These types of soiling are often automatically washed away during a rainfall additionally this coating is its fast drying after a downpour.Anti-graffiti coating is only available on select colors





Enano Seating Group

Enano Seating Group allows for either standing or sitting in a variety of model variations and colors; made from galvanized steel and wire mesh.

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Pagwood furniture

Erlau Pagwood furniture is made of wafer-thin copper-beech wood veneers soaked in a specially developed synthetic resin and then pressed together in layers under enormous pressure and high temperatures produces a laminated composite with all of the beauty of natural wood, such as look, feel and warmth, but without any of the disadvantages: fading, cracking, warping, rotting or requiring constant painting and maintenance. Even after years of exposure to the elements instead of fading, it becomes a tone darker and the warm character of the natural wood is enhanced. Pagwood?? is made from renewable resources- sustainably harvested copper beech wood (third party certified by Scientific Certification Systems in accordance with the rules of Forest Stewardship Council, A.C.

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Bella Via

Bella Via benches are constructed of high-quality steel and are fully galvanized and coated with environmentally friendly RILSAN polyamide coating, thickness 350 microns. Bella Via Premium is also available in durable Pagwood??. The coordinating pieces and accessories are constructed with the same high-quality materials, and like the benches and tables full galvanized and coated in RILSAN. Erlau produces some of the most durable and sustainable site furnishings in the markets so the collection will retain its beauty for many years.

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Intersit benches

Intersit benches and site furnishings are long-lasting and easy to maintain. All components meet high standards of quality and are able to withstand exposure to weather as well as vandalism. The optional anti-graffiti-coating reduces dirt retention and allows the removal of graffiti and stickers via a simple cleaning process.

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Exceptional Site Furnishings are galvanized and receive a 350 micron organic color-coating which is applied using the environmentally sound whirl sintering process, in which color-powder particles are applied from all sides. For this process, we use only high-quality Rilsan Polyamide, which is produced from pure natural sources derived from the castor-oil plant.

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Anti-Graffiti-Coating - For very difficult environments Erlau offers an additional clear lacquer coat which reduces dirt retention and allows the removal of graffiti and stickers via a simple cleaning process. Erlau outdoor furniture is long-lasting and easy to maintain and comes with a 10-year rust protection guarantee.

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Pedalo Duo Bicycle Parking

Pedalo Duo Bicycle Parking reduces damage to parked bicycles with a space saving design, solid steel tube construction with flexible plastic frame clamps. Securely holds two bicycles.

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Mesh bench

Erlau??s wire mesh furniture is designed to be stylish, maintenance-free and extraordinarily durable, capable of bearing over 800 lbs.Pagwood is an extremely durable and maintenance-free wood product made of wafer-thin copper-beech wood veneers. It has the beauty of natural wood without the drawbacks; it will not move, crack, fade or become brittle.

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Bella Via Collection

New Bella Via Collection of benches, bollards, bicycle parking, tables, planters and trash receptacles work together to complement any environment beautifully for many years.

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Erlau??s VitaGym outdoor fitness equipment has been designed especially for public open spaces, hospital grounds, care facilities, hotels and recreation venues. It can be used by adults of all ages to maintain and even improve their vitality and zest for life. Vitagym equipment is easy to install, maintenance-free and very durable.

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