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Address: 45 Dowd Road, Suite B


City/State/Zip: Bangor, ME, 04401


Phone: 207-947-4990


FAX: 207-947-5452




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Company Info: In the eighties Weber MT started in North America with a master distributor in Bangor Maine. After several years of continued growth Weber MT decided to incorparate in the US and placeda subsidiary in 1991 located in Bangor.In the late nineties Weber MT made the decision to focus solely on walk behind compaction equipment and become a technology leader. In a few short years the complete line of forward and reversible plates were transformed into the CF and CR series. With the innovative design and outstanding performance Weber MT plates are fast becoming the standard in walk behind compaction. Progress and quality are a part of our business philosophy. With the new design and innovative products like COMPATROL we have set the standard in walk behind compaction. We have also added warehouses throughout Canada and the United States to better serve the North American market. Weber MT services the market with select dealers and manufactures representatives are available for product demos and service.





CR6 Hatz 900 lbs. compactor

New CR6 Hatz 900 lbs. reversible soil compactor is the perfect all-rounder: whether in trenches, backfills, road construction or landscaping.

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CR 5

Engine: Honda GX270 or Hatz 1B30 Diesel Horsepower: 9.0 HP Centrifugal Force: 10,150 lbs. Frequency: 4,350 rpm Working Width: 22" to 28" Special Features: Comfortable hydraulic control to reverse machine direction; can be equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine; available optional extras include compaction meter COMPATROL??, polyurethene pad and wheel kit. Warranty: 2 years ?? Cost: $9,464 (gasoline)

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Soil Compactors

CR 6, CR7 and CR 8 with new COMPATROL ??? MSM. Brand new machine and service management system for soil compactors above 11,000 lbs. centrifugal force. Monitors battery voltage, engine oil pressure, engine temperature, air filter restriction.

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CR 3 Reversible Soil Compactor

CR 3 Reversible Soil Compactor for universal application possibilities. For compaction work in trenches, backfills, block pavements or landscaping.

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SRV 660

Engine: Subaru EH-12 Horsepower: 4.1 HP Centrifugal Force: 3,600 lbs. Weight: 165 lbs. Working Width: 11" Special Features: Three-stage air filtration system consisting of a cyclone pre-cleaner, a newly developed main filter and, for additional security, the air filter of the engine manufacturer. Warranty: 2 years Cost: $3,736

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CF3 HO PRO compactor

CF3 HO PRO compact machine has a Honda GX160 engine, folding low-vibration guide bar with user friendly coated grips; lift handles at front and sides. Throttle control lever easily accessible on guide bar.

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From our award-winning compaction control system COMPATROL??, to solutions for reducing hand-arm vibrations, all products are backed with a 2-year warranty and can be extended to 3 or 5 years.

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CF2 Pro plate compactors

Model No.: CF2 Pro Series Engine: Honda Horsepower: 4.8 Dimensions: 18?? base plate Weight: 183 lbs. operating weight Attachments: Optional Wheel kit, 4 gallon water tank, poly pad Isolated guide bar. Special Features: Compact and easy to transport; redesigned guide-bar for stress free working. Vibratory plate compactors distinguish themselves by premium operating comfort, compact dimensions and optimum running characteristics. Warranty: 2 years ?? Cost: $2,000

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April 25, 2018, 1:29 am PDT

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