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Address: 2730 Monterey Street, Suite 106


City/State/Zip: Torrance, CA, 90503


Phone: 310-294-8194


FAX: 310-781-1025




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Q‐Star Technology is the manufacturer of the FlashCAM, a portable crime deterrent camera system with a solid vandal resistant design. The self‐contained FlashCAM systems are solar powered with no wiring or networking, a complete CPED solution to prevent vandalism, illegal dumping, trespassing, and other anti‐social behaviors. Proven to be best solution to stop park vandalism.

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Q-Star Technology

The FlashCAM, which is activated by motion, flashes a bright light and plays a recorded message saying, ???Stop! It is illegal to vandalize this area. Your photo has just been taken and we will use this photograph to prosecute you. Leave now!?? FlashCAM-880, is solar-powered; no hard-wiring is needed.

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March 18, 2018, 10:15 am PDT

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