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Aquatix by Landscape Structures


Address: 6500 Carlson Dr.


City/State/Zip: Eden Prairie, MN, 55346-1729


Phone: 952-345-6440


FAX: 952-345-6444




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Vendor Profile: With more than 25 years of water experience Aquatix is a leader in water feature and spray park design fabrication and construction. Our pioneering integrated recirculation systems provide a sustainable solution that empowers hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits.Quality matters and thats why we design and manufacture our products and systems for easy maintenance and long-lasting value. No wonder Aquatix products have been installed worldwide at municipal spray parks aquatic centers hotels and resorts campgrounds fitness centers housing developments military bases and amusement parks.We create everything from splash pad equipment to custom water spray park designs. When designing water park elements we focus on the interactive age-appropriate and safe play value of water and structures.Now Aquatix is entering a whole new dimension. Were excited to apply the groundbreaking design and innovation that Landscape Structures is known for to the creation of imaginative new aqua play experiences.





Aquatrix Limbo & Verso Splash

With more than 25 years of water experience, Aquatix by Landscape Structures is a leader in water feature and spray park design fabrication and construction. We create everything from splash pad equipment to custom water spray park designs. When designing water park elements we focus on the interactive age-appropriate and safe play value of water and structures.
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Multi-Play Tubular

The Multi-Play Tubular system is a structure that combines six (6) water play structures into cost effective water play elements. The six (6) water activities are: two (2) Water Arch Bars, Water Wheel, Water Sheet, Water Dump and Water Bucket. This unit can be customized by substituting other water play activities.
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Water Bug

The Water Bug is a structure that emits two streams of water at an angle from a 12" diameter cap.
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Tot Spray Stand

The Tot Shape Spray Stand is a 1' 6" structure with a top that is offered in various geometric shapes. In the center of the top shape is a spray nozzle that sprays water up and out onto users. The shapes provide an educational experience for toddlers.
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Water Dome

The Water Dome is a structure that emits water from the top of a 7 foot diameter dome creating a sheet of water around the perimeter that falls to users below.
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Alli the Gator

Alli the Gator is a themed product that emits a fan spray nozzle effect from the mouth of an alligator themed product onto users below.
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Flower Shower

The Flower Shower is a themed product that emits a heavy crown jet nozzle effect from the top of the flower petals onto users below.
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See how low you can go with the elegant WaterLimbo. By taking a familiar activity and giving it a watery twist, Aquatix has created the limbo game of tomorrow.
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The VersoSplash provides an unexpected splash. You think you know what's going to happen, then surprise! The bucket dumps in the opposite direction while the water spills forward. It's as fun to watch as it is to stand underneath.
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Interactive Structures

The Water Pressure is an interactive structure that emits water from several different orifices beginning with the very lowest. The Water Pressure allows interactive fun between all ages!
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Waterplay Structures

Aquatix's Urban line combines water and art to create modern, stylish splash pads and water features. Ideal for urban settings, Aquatix unique sculptures are made from stainless steel for durability and longevity. Aquatix's industry-leading water quality treatment systems save millions of gallons of water annually and are easy to operate.
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Splash Pads

Aquatix offers a full line of water play equipment to meet any size or type of project. We provide options in water flow, themes and materials. We're the only water play manufacture that fabricates in stainless steel and fiberglass materials.
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Multi Level Climb N Slide

Our 3-Tier Multi Level Climb N Slide combines many fun, interactive spray features into one impressive sized and cost effective multi-level platform structure with slides.
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Mechanical Systems

Whether your splash pad requires recirculation or city water systems, Aquatix provides fully integrated and UL listed mechanical systems that are engineered for easy operation, installation and maintenance.
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Design Services

Our main focus in product design is to provide the most innovative, diverse, and interactive water play equipment in the industry. Our water play elements have been used throughout the world in municipal spray parks, aquatic centers, hotel & resorts, campgrounds, fitness centers, housing developments, military bases, and amusement parks.
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Interactive Features

Aquatix's Water Table combines water, education, and all inclusive play. Children of all ages delight in an interactive water table with softer water effects while manipulating levers, gates and wheels. The fun is in the water!
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3D Themed Products

Be creative with creatures and contraptions! ARC, now a part of Landscape Structures, has new 3D themed products and custom theme capabilities that are great for kids of any age. Themed elements can give kids unlimited potential to engage their imagination.
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