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Address: 6500 Carlson Drive


City/State/Zip: Eden Prairie, MN, 55349


Phone: 952-345-6440


FAX: 952-345-6444




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Company Info: With more than 30 years of experience Aquatix is a leader in water feature and spray park design fabrication and construction. Pioneering integrated recirculation systems the company provides a sustainable solution that empowers hours of innovative activity without water consumption limits. Aquatix applies Landscape Structures ground breaking design to the creation of imaginative new water experience.






Simple streams of water cascade down from the HydroHelix aqua playstructure to create a cool and complex helix pattern when kids turn the handle 360 degrees. This 9-foot interactive structure offers plenty of aqua play while engaging kids with a unique experience.

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This 17-foot structure slowly builds anticipation along with a whole lot of water. Once the large, funnel-shaped bucket is full, a generous flood whooshes out the bottom, splashes off the platform roofs in three different directions onto users below. Random and unexpected fun, the best kind.

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This series of three angled, arching structures - small, medium and large - provide a contemporary obstacle course of misting water sprays. Water comes from above and from the sides as kids wind their way through.

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The disc-shaped top spins up to 360 degrees when a kid twists it, spraying their friends with five streams of water. The WhirlPad provides continuous interaction, perfect for little splash pad visitors.

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Our geometric-shaped sprayers are available in three sizes - small looks like it's barely emerging from the splash pad, medium is half out and large is fully emerged. Multiple misting nozzles will surprise and delight children of all ages. Choose a 1-color, 2-color or 3-color option. Get soaked by including all three sprayers!

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TotPack Animals

These friendly critters welcomes kids with age-appropriate water play. A single form is theme painted to make multiple critters just for our littlest splashers. Collect all three TotPacks!

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The WhirlFlex offers a unique archway passage for giggle-infused cooldowns. Six tubular structures of different sizes - each curving inwards and leaning slightly backwards - project multiple fine misting sprays directly onto rambunctious kids passing through. This structure must be cast directly into concrete.

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The sculptural AquaBud is a winding, angled tubular structure that releases a continuous water shower effect from its top. Kids gathered below can run through or stand directly underneath, soaking up a refreshing day in the sun.

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A total of six berry-like buckets will randomly fill up, then shower splashers with quick filling buckets of water. The cluster works in mysterious ways - you'll never know when one or more buckets are ready to pour down the fun.

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Kids can surround themselves with this rounded, water-tent effect that flows freely from the top of the structure. It's a cool-feeling, contemporary-looking way to spur continuous aqua play.

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SplashPack Animals

Kids will be drawn to these SplashPack animals. These friendly creatures emit a fan spray water effect from either the mouth, feet, head, back or all. Painted a single color for a stunningly sophisticated aesthetic.

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This interactive event offers a continuous spray of water that kids can manipulate for rousing aqua play. The user simply pulls the plunger back to fill the chamber with water, then pushes it forward to release it and tag friends. Decorative acrylic accent panels offer a distinctive look while casting a cool reflection on the ground.

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Two times the fun, The HydraHub2 combines the HydraHub1 with another raised platform filled with interactive experiences. Both platforms are linked by a bridge and tunnel with water effects that kids must dodge or be doused. A play panel lets kids tip water-filled buckets to empty on friends below. A tube slide ends in a tunnel that is wet while the custom three-person wide slide features two arch bars that spray the landing pad. Kids will have a hard time staying dry on this structure.

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AquaGather Station

Kids of all abilities can socialize while discovering the many ways to manipulate this inclusive water environment.

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Design Services

You can count on the experienced Aquatix design and engineering professionals to help you meet your project requirements from initial creative concepts to complete engineered drawings.

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Special Effects

Aquatix can help you create special effects with our design flexibility and extensive know-how. Add lights and water-feature sequencing to create an environment that's not only fun to play in, but is also a pleasure to view, both day and night.

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Kids get to decide what happens with the SprayStacker. By holding the lower buttons closed, they cause the water pressure to build until it shoots out from the very top and onto users below. Cause and effect becomes fun in the sun.

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BloomBurst Rise

This themed flower structure elicits smiles along with joyful aqua play. From the flower's center, a heavy crown jet nozzle effect flows out, gracing the upward-facing acrylic flower petals before landing on users below. Pair it with the BloomBurst Set. Decorative acrylic accent panels offer a distinctive look while casting a cool reflection on the ground.

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Ground Sprays

What goes up must come down. The fun goes both ways, too. Water shoots up and tumbles down, making for wet delight from top to bottom.

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A fun way to enter the water! Slide down a duck's back, off an elephant's trunk or from a submarine.

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Mechanical Systems

Whether your splash pad requires recirculation or city water systems, Aquatix provides fully integrated and UL listed mechanical systems that are engineered for easy operation, installation and maintenance.

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Alli the Gator

Alli the Gator is a themed product that emits a fan spray nozzle effect from the mouth of an alligator themed product onto users below.

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Water Dome

The Water Dome is a structure that emits water from the top of a 7 foot diameter dome creating a sheet of water around the perimeter that falls to users below.

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See how low you can go with the elegant WaterLimbo. By taking a familiar activity and giving it a watery twist, Aquatix has created the limbo game of tomorrow.

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The VersoSplash provides an unexpected splash. You think you know what's going to happen, then surprise! The bucket dumps in the opposite direction while the water spills forward. It's as fun to watch as it is to stand underneath.

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The HydraHub1 combines various water events on a raised platform. Interactivity is encouraged with a pull-string roof diverter, periscope and onboard water cannons. The central pivot sprayer allows kids to direct their own experiences by taking aim at any of the three roof activities. Even more, two whooshing slides provide easy access to the water.

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Tot Structures

It's a gentler world of wonders where even the smallest can splash and delight. Right-sized fun for the littlest water adventurers.

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Splash Pads

Aquatix offers a full line of water play equipment to meet any size or type of project. We provide options in water flow, themes and materials. We're the only water play manufacture that fabricates in stainless steel and fiberglass materials.

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Multi-Play Structures

Our 3-Tier Multi Level Climb N Slide combines many fun, interactive spray features into one impressive sized and cost effective multi-level platform structure with slides.

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Design Services

Our main focus in product design is to provide the most innovative, diverse, and interactive water play equipment in the industry. Our water play elements have been used throughout the world in municipal spray parks, aquatic centers, hotel & resorts, campgrounds, fitness centers, housing developments, military bases, and amusement parks.

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Themed Products

Be creative with creatures and contraptions! ARC, now a part of Landscape Structures, has new 3D themed products and custom theme capabilities that are great for kids of any age. Themed elements can give kids unlimited potential to engage their imagination.

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