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Address: 27001 Agoura Rd., Ste. 280


City/State/Zip: Calabasas, CA, 91301


Phone: 818-222-1836


FAX: 818-222-6148




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Company Info: Tracking time and attendance simply and accurately for construction businesses has always been challenging. More than 96 of construction companies use some form of handwritten time sheets. The consequences of relying on handwritten timecards are costly. By paying 5 extra minutes in the morning and at the end of the day a worker receives the equivalent of 1 week of paid annual vacation. In short these costs add up quickly. The JobClock System is a solution that saves on payroll automates record keeping eliminates pay disputes reduces payroll processing time and provides accurate job costing. The battery-powered JobClock remains locked down at a jobsite recording time and attendance information each and every day. Workers touch in and out of the JobClock using colored Keytabs on their key rings. The PocketClock travels with the crew allowing them to select from a list of jobsites and cost codes displayed in English or Spanish. A supervisor can clock in and out for an entire crew. JobClocks and PocketClocks can be combined to handle the needs of long-duration short-duration and service jobs. TimeSummit software allows the payroll person to edit time sheets calculate overtime and create time cards that can be signed by the worker. Management can print reports ranging from detailed breakdowns of cost codes to high level views. Jobsites can be categorized into projects and employees can be categorized into crews. AccountLinx software links TimeSummit records to a host of accounting and payroll programs eliminating manual entry. The JobClock System is the most award-winning and best-selling time and attendance system in construction for a reason. It gets the job done simply and easily and allows the construction business owner to focus on what they do best.




May 25, 2018, 11:22 pm PDT

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