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Address: 3125 Skyway Circle


City/State/Zip: Melbourne, FL, 32934


Phone: 321-775-0600


FAX: 321-242-3220


Website: rainbowturfproducts.arcfloridacom


Contact: More Information


Company Info: Recycled LEED qualified rubber molded and poured landscape playground and surfacing products.





Rainbow Turf Products Loose Fill Rubber Mulch

Rainbow Turf Products Loose Fill Rubber Mulch, is made from 100% recycled tire buffing. Loose Fill Rubber Mulch is ADA accessible. Recycled rubber mulch contains properties that are low maintenance, safe, and attractive. Loose fill rubber mulch is a surfacing alternative to wood mulch, engineered wood fiber, sand and pea gravel, polyester, or steel that can be hazardous. These are usually found in most lower end versions of rubber mulch products on the market today. Rainbow Turf Products do not deteriorate and maintain the same characteristics as the landscape version of loose fill rubber mulch. Further, Rainbow Turf Products Loose Fill Rubber Mulch has been successfully tested for ASTM F-1292 for safety surfaces in and around playgrounds and for ASTM F-1951-99 for handicap accessibility. Rainbow Turf Products is simply the best loose fill safety surfacing produced with superior customer service to compliment this product.

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Rainbow Turf Rubber Trails

Rainbow Turf Rubber Trails is a 100% recycled rubber safety surface that is made from 100% recycled tire buffing. It is a custom design application of our Loose Fill Rubber Mulch in a permanent polyurethane adhesive. Rainbow Turf Rubber Trails contains anti-fatigue properties that help put pep back in your step. It provides a more comfortable walking surface by reducing aches and pains in your joints which usually occur with traditional walking surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and Mother Nature. The durable design of the Rainbow Turf Rubber Trails will hold up under the busiest conditions. The Rubber Trails Surface exceeds procedure CRI TM-101 (Wear Retention Testing of 20,000 Foot Traffic Counts) with no change to the appearance or dispersion. Rainbow Turf Products Rubber Trails exceeds other products of the same kind in the marketplace.

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Rainbow Turf Safety Tiles

Rainbow Turf Products Standard and Interlocking Safety Tiles are another alternative for safety surfacing that have also been tested for all of the required fall height attenuation and exceeds ASTM and CPSC guidelines. Rainbow Turf safety tiles are easy to maintain, and have all the characteristics of Rainbow Turf Products line. These tiles will not mold, mildew, and resist fading. The tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but can offer a simpler way to repair and maintain in high traffic areas. Rainbow Turf safety tiles are available in various colors including EPDM colors to let your creativity run wild. We offer standard and beveled edges and we can help guide you in determining what type of base or subsurface works best for you and your budget. Available in various sizes and colors.

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May 22, 2018, 10:09 pm PDT

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