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Address: 327 Thorpe Road


City/State/Zip: Orlando, FL, 32824


Phone: 407-857-7356






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Company Info: RicoRock is the exciting new way to build swimming pool waterfalls for the 21st century. A swimming pool waterfall or pond waterfall add fun to your backyard and brings the sights and sounds of nature. RicoRock is an affordable predictable way to add a water feature to your backyard whether you want a standard 24 inch unit or a custom 24 foot high project.





FRC Cast Rock Wal

FRC Cast Rock Wall - Cast concrete panels normally used for waterfall and cave construction can also be used for poured in place concrete retaining walls or veneers.

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5 Ft Triple Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

RicoRock products are reinforced concrete castings molded from natural rock formations. FRC castings for custom projects are installed by select rock feature contractors and standard modular waterfall kits can be installed by contractors.

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February 24, 2018, 11:35 pm PST

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