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Address: 1451 Marvin Griffin Rd.


City/State/Zip: Augusta, GA, 30906


Phone: 951-272-2255


FAX: 951-272-2115




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Jacobsen operates several factory-direct multi-brand dealerships throughout the U.S. Each location is staffed by highly-skilled Jacobsen employees who are trained experts on Jacobsen and allied products parts and service. Whether you want a demo need a part or want to schedule service our factory-direct dealerships have everything you need.





Eclipse 122

?? Adapts to Your Conditions
Independent, adjustable settings for ground speed, reel speed, and FOC give you the unprecedented power to dial in to the exact cut you want. You can also adjust the weight balance to match turf conditions and operator variables. ?? Adapts to Your Operators
Advanced control system takes variability out of the operator equation for a more consistent cut every time. ?? Adapts to Your Environment
A variable-configuration platform allows for hybrid or battery power to provide stealth-like quietness, fuel savings, and reduced emissions. ?? Green Power Option
48-volt DC, 20 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery units will cut approximately 18,000 square feet or about 3-4 greens. ?? Maintenance-Free Motors
DC brushless electric motor is completely sealed and meets IP 67 marine specifications. Onboard Backlapping
Industry-exclusive onboard backlapping keeps your reels sharp without the hassle.

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