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Address: 2803 Barranca Parkway


City/State/Zip: Irvine, CA, 92606


Phone: 949-559-6000


FAX: 949-559-6088




Contact: More Information


Company Info: Griswold Controls manufacturers a complete line of brass and cast iron valves the DW and 2000 series ideal for golf courses and commercial landscapes. These industrial strength valves are perfect for reclaimed or dirty water and all models are available with an optional industry standard purple handle. Griswold Controls valves are pressure regulating slow closing and contain no plastic components.





DW and 2000 Series

Griswold Controls manufactures a complete line of brass and cast iron valves, the DW and 2000 series, ideal for golf courses and commercial landscapes. These valves are pressure regulating, slow closing, and contain no plastic components.

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DW and 2000 Series

DW and 2000 series brass & cast iron valves: ideal for golf courses, commercial or high-end residential landscapes; perfect for reclaimed water, slow closing, contain no plastic components; some models are pressure regulating.

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Irrigation Piping

Irrigation piping packages consist of a brass and cast iron diaphragm valve pre-assembled with various components individually shrink-wrapped and labeled for quick, easy installation.

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