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Vendor Profile: TrafficGuard Direct specializes in manufacturing top-of-the-line manually operated removable and collapsible vehicle access control bollards to secure your restricted access areas. Our TrafficGuard bollards will provide the security you need to stop vehicle access and give you protection against increasingly common ram-raiding crime. TrafficGuard bollards are constructed from the finest materials to ensure durability - even under the toughest conditions. TrafficGuard bollards can be used for a wide variety of applications from simple keep out zones in parks and on bike trails to help protect the health and safety of the public or security applications such as blocking off vehicle access to high-security military bases such as Fort Benning in Georgia and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma (please see these applications at our website.) Our traffic control devices are perfect for municipal county state and federal governmental uses.Whether youre looking for parking bollards or complete vehicle access and security systems we have the right products at the right prices. Please browse our online catalog at to find the perfect TrafficGuard product to fit your needs.





74001L S10

TrafficGuard is the bollard industries first company to test to the ASTM F3016 crash test standard. The 74001L is a ductile iron removable decorative bollard that was designed, engineered and crash tested in Texas, USA to a 10MPH (S10 P1). For details on this product and the rest of our crash tested line please visit us at:
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Round Post Lock Series

Our newly redesigned patented Key Lock Series is now also available in various finishes to provide an architectural, clean look. Please visit our website for more details.
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TrafficGuard locking seies RP3503

Round post key lock is an internally locking, removable bollard that provides a flush surface when removed.
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Round Post Lock Series

The bollards, like those in this photo at Marion Square Park in Charleston, SC, are used in a wide variety of applications to keep out unwanted vehicle traffic.
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Traffic GuardRfp460r

TrafficGuard Direct specializes in manufacturing top-of-the-line manually operated removable and collapsible vehicle access control bollards for everything from light duty parking solutions to high strength security bollards.
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Removable Bollards

Now offering two of its most popular removable bollards with an easy to use, lidded ground sleeve. Both the Round Post Key Lock and Round Post Top Lock series are now available with this product upgrade.
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Helix Lock Stainless Steel

Helix lock stainless steel - concealed locking system offers security and an architectural look.
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Helix Lock Series

Helix Lock Series, 304 stainless steel from West Union, Iowa.
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Round Post Lock Series

The Round Post Lock Series is now available in 304 stainless steel in a #4 brushed finish. For more details, please contact TrafficGuard today!
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Crash Tested Bollards

TrafficGuard Specialty Products, Inc. is the first bollard manufacturer to offer crash tested bollards that meet ASTM F3016. Currently we offer bollards solutions in 10 and 30 mph ratings.
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Traffic Guard locking series RP3503

New TrafficGuard Top Lock High Security Bollard offers the physical protection your patrons and facilities need from unwanted vehicle traffic, while offering a tamper-proof locking system to keep it where it belongs.
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