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Address: 5119 Catlett Road, P.O. Box 300


City/State/Zip: Midland, VA, 22728


Phone: 866-252-8210


FAX: 540-439-1232




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Company Info: Precast Concrete Buildings from Easi-Set. From a single park restroom to an entire complex Easi-Set Buildings has you covered.Easi-Set provides an array of modular building solutions for Parks and Recreation officials facilities managers landscape architects and more. These precast concrete buildings are durable secure and virtually maintenance-free. They are also competitively priced to keep your project costs in check. From dugouts to restroom facilities guard houses to concession stands and even buildings as large as visitor centers and field houses we make it easy to get your job done on-spec on-time and on-budget.Theres no size project too large or too small for our Easi-Set licensed producers they will cater their level involvement in the construction process to your specific needs.Precast Concrete is our material of choice for its ability to imitate virtually any existing structure. Not only will your building last for decades but with our fully-customizable options it will match perfectly with the rest of your facility. Choose from an array of finishes textures and colors to match your surroundings.Go to to learn more.





Easi-Set Precast Concrete Restroom

We have a line of prefabricated concrete buildings designed specifically for restroom use, combining cost-effective construction with a multitude of features. We can supply single, double, and multiple user restrooms, each available in wet or dry (vaulted) configuration and with ADA compliance.

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Easi-Set Buildings Guard House

Keep Your Facility Safe & Secure With A Precast Guardhouse. While guardhouses are functional in nature, they don't have to be an eyesore. With Easi-Set, you can customize your precast concrete guardhouse with a variety of textures, colors, and finishes. Your guests want to feel secure entering your facility. Have their first interaction with your brand be a positive one with a guardhouse building that best represents you. Precast guardhouses are pre-assembled, and pre-outfitted to your specifications. There is no foundation required for a guardhouse so the site can be prepared quickly and easily. This saves you time and money. Our guardhouses can also be equipped with restrooms, storage and equipment shelters.

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Easi-Set Restroom/Concession combo

Upgrade Your Run-Down Concession Stand With A Precast Building. Your parks facility is a community center. The little league plays there in the summer, soccer in the fall, and various other events occur throughout the year. Visitors are looking for refreshments, and your town is looking for revenue. The ultimate solution is a safe, secure, beautiful concession stand that requires almost no maintenance or upkeep. Precast concrete concession stands are durable, long lasting, and secure. But more than that, they can be customized to blend into your existing surroundings so they look and feel like a part of the community. They can easily be combined with restrooms and press boxes for a complete solution for your facility needs.

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Easi-Set Dry Vault Restrooms

Easi-Set offers a full-line of dry vault restrooms, single or multi-user. No water or utilities required. Each restroom is manufactured to your specifications and style in a factory environment, then delivered with a precast lined vault. Our natural ventilation FAN system vent stacks work without need of electricity. Precast concrete restrooms provide the perfect vandal resistant solution for remote locations.

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