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Ultra-tec - The Cable Connection


Address: 52 Heppner Dr.


City/State/Zip: Carson City, NV, 89706


Phone: 775-885-1443


FAX: 775-885-2734




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Vendor Profile: Manufacturer stainless steel fittings for cable railings including some that can be hidden inside posts and others that require no field swaging (crimping) and can be attached to the cable by hand. Easy to understand information available on how to design a cable railing via literature web site or by phone. Staff available to review your projects/drawings and recommend most economical hardware to use.






Cable Railing Systems: A see-through cable railing is a great way to preserve the view with sleek, economical, easy-to-install Ultra-tec?? cable railing stainless steel fittings.
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The Cable Connection

Beautiful Ultra-tec cable railing products serve their purpose of protecting without obstructing the view. Field installed fittings make installation easy.
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The Cable Connection railing products combines pre-designed railing styles with especially designed tensioning and mounting hardware, to create cable railings.
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October 24, 2017, 2:11 am PDT

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