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Address: 2104 SW 152nd Street, Suite 4


City/State/Zip: Burien, WA, 98166


Phone: 206-276-0925


FAX: 206-257-0318




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Iron Age grates can be affordably retrofitted to refine existing installations, or be purchased at the time of an original higher quality installation, just as any other well-chosen refinement.

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Drain Grates

We make drain grates, tree grates, and custom decorative castings in the U.S. from recycled materials. Find us on the web or call us.

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Decorative Drainage System

A decorative, yet functional option for transforming a drainage system into a design feature that augments the look of its surroundings, much like any designer plumbing or electrical fixture inside of a home. Made from durable cast iron, aluminum, or bronze, Iron Age Designs are made specifically to fit the most widely used trench and drain bodies for lawns, patios, around houses, and in driveways.

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Decorative Grates

All Iron Age decorative grates are made in the U.S. from post-consumer recycled materials. Our cast iron tree grates are manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

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Fountain Planter Fence

Fountain planter fence protects trees and plants from heavily trafficked areas. Iron Age's four different designs are made from ductile iron with powder coated finish.

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Decorative Drain Grates

Iron Age Designs provides decorative drain grates, tree grates and other architectural castings, both standard and custom, for public and residential use. Our standard decorative trench grates fit the most widely used drain bodies and trench drain channels made by major manufacturers such as ACO???, NDS???, and ABT???. Iron age trench grates can be retro fitted into existing installations or be purchased at the time of the original installation. We also offer custom architectural castings in cast iron, aluminum, ductile iron and silicone bronze. All of our castings are made from recycled product and are ADA compliant.

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Decorative Cast Tree Grate

Iron Age Designs creates decorative cast tree grates, trench grates and drain grates that fit into industry standard drain bodies. Our grates are made in the U.S. from up to 100% post consumer recycled/recyclable iron. We offer custom work as well! Contact us or check out our website.

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Radiused Oblio Trench Grate

Radiused oblio trench grate - Iron Age creates radiused versions of all our standard trench grates. Visit our website for more information or give us a call.

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Custom Moon Face Medallion

Custom Moon Face Medallion made in U.S.A from recycled material. We cast decorative trench rates, drain grates, tree grates and do custom casting and fabrication.

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Cast Tree Planter Fences

Introducing a new line of cast tree planter fences. These fences provide an aesthetic alternative for tree protection and growth.

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Steel Table

A beautiful steel table, with recycled wood fiber/resin seats is mounted on cast iron swing arms. The swing arm table makes a stylish alternative to traditional picnic tables and park benches.

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Tree and Trench Grates

Iron Age creates decorative tree grates, trench grates and custom designs from recycled material, in the U.S. Find us at

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Kelp Tree Grate

The 6?? diameter kelp tree grate shows what can be done within the guidelines of ADA. See what we can do for your custom project!

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Planter Fence

Iron Age introduces our decorative ???Planter Fence?? made from cast ductile iron with a powdercoat finish. Many mounting options are available!

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Minione Tree Grate

This Minione tree grate array is modular in 2 foot increments, and can create enlarged areas for trees and root development in pedestrian areas.

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Ozio Bench

The Ozio Bench has cast aluminum ends and ipe wood slats. Available in 4' or 6' lengths, with a back or backless. The ends can be powdercoated in a range of colors.

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Spak bollard

Spak bollard is unique, with a functional combination of bollard and bike rack, made out of recycled cast ductile iron.

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Interlaken planter fence

Interlaken planter fence - decorative cast planter fences are a versatile solution to protect landscaped areas and enhance seat walls in urban environments.

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Tree Grates and Trench Grates

This project incorporated our Locust tree grates with matching trench grates on various radii to revitalize the neighborhood streetscape where they are installed.

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Tree Grates

Iron Age??s artfully designed castings elevate drainage from functional necessity to decorative focal point. Made in the USA from recycled cast iron, our grates are engineered to fit today??s most widely used drain bodies.

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Needle Bollard

The sleek look of our Needle Bollard complements any modern city streetscape. Made from cast aluminum, the Needle Bollard also doubles as a bike rack.

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