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Address: 7865 N. County Road 100E


City/State/Zip: Lizton, IN, 46149


Phone: 317-892-4444


FAX: 317-892-4188




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Company Info: Lastec Articulators are the greenest most efficient articulating rotaries in the world. In todays market being green isnt just good for the planet but amazingly good for a budget. An Articulator will save an owner 5000-10000 in fuel and 20-40000 in wages during the life of the machine when compared to other hydraulically driven rotaries (not to mention we are typically 5000 - 15000 less expensive upfront). Articulators also produce less greenhouse gasses and eliminate barrels of hazardous waste while consuming thousands of gallons of less fuel by cutting more grass per gallon of gas than any other mower. The key to this is the patented deck drives and zero turn maneuverability.





Rotary Mower

The World's Most Accurate 61" Rotary Mower. The Model 61 series is the world's first 61" (154.94 cm) commercial articulating rotary mower. This 61"(154.94 cm) wide mower features three fully articulating 21"(533.4mm) decks. The mower features a unique modular baffling system that allows the deck to be a true rear or side discharging deck that can also be set up to mulch. The rear discharge allows the mower more trimming flexibility and is far safer to operate around traffic or people. Models Available: 2261, 2861, 2961

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Model 3300

Model No.: 3300 Deck: 100" articulating Engine: 33 HP Kubota Turbo Diesel Speed: 9 mph Tires: Rear 26" x 12" x 12" Front 13" x 5" x 6" semi solid Seat: Deluxe seat suspension with arm rest Special features: Folds to 78" for easy loading on trailers Warranty: 2 years parts, 1 year labor Cost: $29,900

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Model 100EFDC

The Model 100EFDC delivers amazing productivity at a price point that is a fraction of other options available on the market. Since Lastec??s introduction of articulating rotary mowers in 1990, the turf industry hasn??t had to accept the turf damage caused by wide area decks. Lastec Articulators all cut with the quality of a small push mower no matter how wide you need to cut. The Model 100EFDC is no exception, delivering a 100?? (254 cm) wide cut with the accuracy of five 21?? (533.4 mm) push mowers.

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Model 3300

100?? of Power, Precision, and Production. Welcome to the Next Generation of Mowing. Four things set the Lastec 100 Series Articulators apart from any other commercial mower on the planet. First, these zero turn mowers cut 100?? (254 cm) of grass. Second, they cut that wide with the accuracy of a 21?? (533.4 mm) push mower. Third, the 100 Series Articulators?? outer decks fold easily, reducing the transport width to 78?? (198.12 cm). Fourth, they can safely trim closer to ponds, banks, and other obstacles than other mowers with its 21?? (533.4 mm) outside deck side reach. They can be transported on a small trailer, reach under and closer to objects than other mowers, and eliminate string trimming and hand mowing.

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Model 4520 Articulator

The Lastec Model 4520 Articulator is the widest area zero turn mower on the planet. Its 10 foot (3 M) wide cutting width is made up of five fully articulating rotary decks. The outer decks of this huge capacity mower fold to road legal widths with the push of a lever. Productivity matches that of mowers costing up to 50% more and cut quality matches a crew of five with push mowers. The 4520 Consumes Half the Fuel to Cut the Same Amount of Turf as Hydraulically Driven Rotaries In today??s world the term ???green?? isn??t just a cute marketing concept. Wasting fuel to keep your turf groomed is more than bad business??_it??s just wrong. The Model 4520 burns half the fuel of any other wide area articulating rotary on the planet in part because Lastec??s patented deck drives are 30%-40% more efficient than their hydraulically driven competitors. The zero turn maneuverability accounts for the additional fuel savings by reducing the amount of nonproductive mowing time wasted by conventionally steered alternatives. Additional costs and labor hours are saved by the 27?? (685.8 mm) side reach of the Model 4520. It trims closer to ponds and creeks, over the edge of banks and ditches, under low limbs, and cuts other hard to reach turf areas that would otherwise require string trimming and hand mowing.

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Model 3373

Eliminate Compromise between Width and Accuracy Lastec??s 73?? (185.42 cm) wide articulating rotary mowers offer the perfect balance between productivity and accuracy. It??s a fact that small push mowers deliver the most accurate cut quality. It??s also a fact that 73?? (185.42 cm) decks are three to four times as productive as small push mowers. Our 73?? (185.42 cm) series of mowers give you both??_the accuracy of 25?? (635 mm) push mowers AND the productivity of a 73?? (185.42 cm) wide deck. You no longer have to settle for less production just to maintain the cut quality that you expect and your customers demand. Models Available: 2873, 2973, 3373, 3573

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Lastec Mowers

With the Lastec 61?? and 73?? Articulating Commercial units, you get the same great Lastec quality at a competitive price.

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Lastec Commercial Series Articulating Mower

Lastec mowers have cut millions of acres in order to perfect the equipment you can put to work in your business or back yard. With the 61" and 73" models you get the great Lastec quality and customer service at a competitive price!

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