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Address: PO Box 290


City/State/Zip: Havana, IL, 62644


Phone: 309-543-4425


FAX: 309-543-4945




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Company Info: Since its founding in 1964 Kifco has taken great pride in designing developing and delivering a comprehensive line of customer-focused traveling irrigation systems. A family-owned company based in Havana IL Kifco manufactures and distributes their trade-marked traveling irrigation systems The Water-Reel of the highest quality and value. Looking to buy a new irrigation traveler Dont be fooled! If it isnt green it isnt a Water-Reel. Often copied never duplicated Only trust a Water-Reel!





Hose Reels

The all new Kifco Model E140 is great for landscape professionals who manage multiple properties with lower water pressure available. The E140 can run on pressures and flows as low as 13 gpms and 25 psi, runs off a standard 12 vol deep cycle battery and can irrigate up to 2 acres per run.

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Kifco Irrigation

Water-Reels?? provide optimal playing conditions for your athletes. Perfect irrigation tool for football fields, baseball and softball diamonds, soccer and polo fields. Portable - use on multiple fields Reliable - low maintenance Automatic - operates unattended Easy to Use - self traveling, shuts off automatically Economical - low cost investment Models for any size area

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Kifco Water-Reels?? are traveling irrigation systems that operate unattended, shut off automatically, are easy to use, portable, can be used on multiple fields and are an economical choice.

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Water Reel

Designed and built by a leading water-reel irrigation company, the Kifco Water Reel relies on a proven, portable hard-hose traveler system.

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Kifco Water-Reels

The economical, easy to use Kifco Water-Reels?? are traveling irrigation systems that operate unattended, shut off automatically, are portable, allowing them to be used for irrigation applications.

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Kifco Irrigation

Our B-Series Water Reels are designed and built in the U.S.A. All Kifco Water-Reels are sold, installed and serviced by a network of authorized Kifco dealers. Kifco has a portable, automatic and affordable Water-Reel to meet your needs.

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Kifco Irrigation

Kifco now offers a 12W solar panel for the E110 Water-Reel, eliminating the need for an electrical charge. Portability allows you to cost effectively irrigate multiple locations with a single machine.

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Reel-Mounted Booster Pumps

Kifco??s reel-mounted Booster Pumps increase the pressure from existing water supplies when needed to maximize performance, allowing for one pass coverage on standard sports fields with smaller water reels.

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E110 Water-Reel

Kifco?? E110 Water-Reel?? comes equipped with a DC electric retraction motor. Runs on water sources as low as 23 psi, 3 gpm. Forty hours on a full charge or hassle free with optional solar panel. Can irrigate nearly an acre in one unattended pass.

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Water Reels

Water reels make irrigation easy. With the right setup, most fields can be fully watered with a single pass. We've created the right combination of pumps, sprinklers and reels for your business, park or sports field

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B-Series Water-Reels

Water-Reels?? are often copied, but never duplicated. The portability of the Water-Reel allows you to irrigate multiple locations with a single unit. B-Series Water-Reels?? irrigate up to 3 acres per run and are proudly made in the USA.

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