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Address: 250 West 96th St #100


City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN, 46260


Phone: 317-575-7000


FAX: 317-575-7002




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Company Info: Where Tradition Meets Technology
Firestone has been a world recognized leader in rubber polymer technology for over 100 years. Building on this broad legacy Firestone Specialty Products has become one of the most trusted names in the lining and geomembrane industries. Our knowledgeable staff and network of distributors are devoted to providing superior service and support to all our end users.

Quality and Accountability
At Firestone Specialty Products we are equally dedicated to our clients and our community. While producing competitive products and systems that are designed to meet the requirements of our customers is an overarching goal we believe proper management of all accompanying environmental health and safety issues are equally important to maintaining a successful and socially responsible business. In order to protect the publics trust Firestone Specialty Products continually strives to maintain stringent manufacturing processes improve our environmental management systems and take an active role in our surrounding communities.

Geomembrane and Lining Firestone Specialty Products manufactures high-quality durable pond liners and geomembrane systems used for a wide variety of decorative and critical containment applications including commercial and residential ponds waterfalls and streams irrigation canals stormwater retention ponds agricultural pits and ponds and aquaculture applications. Our product offerings include PondGard Pond Liners Firestone EPDM EPDM-R and EcoWhite EPDM Geomembranes Firestone fPP and fPP-R Geomembranes plus a full line of accessories.

  • Residential- Each year Firestone lining products help enhance the beauty and value of thousands of private homes around the country. Perfect for ponds waterfalls and other landscaped water features Firestone offers an affordable solution for all residential applications.
  • Commercial- From decorative ponds and lakes for apartment complexes and golf courses to more utilitarian applications in agriculture and aquaculture Firestone has a range of geomembrane systems to meet any business need.
  • Industrial- Industrial applications such as canals dams reservoirs and retention ponds often account for some of the most demanding lining projects. Firestone geomembranes provide proven performance in conditions where quality and durability are critical.





EPIC Chamber System

Our total system approach expands beyond traditional stormwater systems, which historically only stored stormwater or treated it for pollutants. The Firestone EPIC Chamber System is an onsite water management and reuse system designed to collect, filter, retain and distribute water below ground at its source. Bringing together passive subsurface irrigation, water storage and filtration into a single, customizable solution, the Firestone EPIC Chamber System utilizes capillary rise and gravity to provide controlled water management. Upon request from the owner representatives, Quin Hogan, co-owner of RR Horn General Contractors in Chico, CA, installed an EPIC Chamber System on Harrison Field in Oroville, California.

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EPIC Chamber

Impact on your business: offering an innovative, holistic approach to maximize your water resources with the Firestone Environmental Passive Integrated Chamber (EPIC Chamber???) System.

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PondGard Rubber Liners

Plant and fish friendly, Firestone??s high-quality PondGard rubber liners contour to nearly any substrate making them ideal for creating unique water features designs for the residential and commercial markets.

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Durable Geo-Membrane System

Manufacturer of high-quality, durable geo-membrane systems used in a wide variety of decorative and critical containment applications for residential, commercial and industrial markets.

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EPDM and fPP-R Geomembranes

Every long-lasting water feature depends on a good foundation. Ensure the life and longevity of your water feature project by choosing a name you can rely on, Firestone EPDM and fPP-R Geomembranes.

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EPDM Geomembrane

EPDM Geomembrane is an integral part of the EPIC system??? an innovative stormwater management/irrigation solution from RESI.

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PondGard Liners

Combining flexibility and ease of installation with lasting durability, PondGard liners are perfect for creating the unique water features.

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PondGard Pond Liners

PondGard pond liners combine flexibility and ease of installation with lasting durability, the liners are a perfect choice for creating unique water features your customers?? desire.

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Netlon Advanced Turf System

Firestone Netlon Advanced Turf System consists of small interlocking, three-dimensional polyethylene mesh elements that can be combined into various sandy soil profiles to create a stable, load bearing, multi-use green space. Special Features: Installed below the surface, Netlon ATS can increase bearing capacity as well as root stability, allowing vegetative surface to have spring back capabilities. It can also be used in erosion control applications, providing rapid drainage capabilities.

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EPDM PondGard

Model No.: EPDM PondGard Weight: 1.42kg/m?_ (0.29 lb/ft?_) Special Features - Fish friendly, extremely durable, highly flexible, easy to install, contours to irregular substrates, superior resistance to UV and ozone, excellent low temperature properties. Warranty - 20 years limited manufacturer Cost: Pricing information available from local distributors

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Garden Envy Composite Pavers

Garden Envy??? composite pavers combine recycled materials with cutting-edge technology for an advanced segmented paving system for lawn and garden projects. It's available in standard and permeable versions.

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