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Address: P.O. Box 220, 2507 Tully Road


City/State/Zip: Hughson, CA, 95326


Phone: 209-883-4405


FAX: 209-882-9001




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Company Info: Vrisimo mowers and shredders have been built continuously for forty years and at the Hughson facility for the past 20 years. 40 years ago Tony Dorothy Vrisimo started building the Vrisimo flail mower in their welding shop in Chico California. He started building 10 orchard mowers after a bad experience using a Ford flail mower to keep the grass down in his no till 80 acre almond orchard. Soon his neighbors and local growers all wanted one for their orchards. Word got out that this was the highest quality best cutting flail mower anywhere. In 1967 he built the first reverse rotation mower and thats the way we run them today. . . In 1974 Tony Dorothy sold Vrisimo Flail Mower to Gould Paper Corporation and the operation was moved from the shop located on Wilson Landing Road across town to the McNair facility another recent Gould acquisition. Later the mower manufacturing was moved to Ceres California sharing space with the recently purchased Ingalls Manufacturing Co. In 1986 Vrisimo Mowers was purchased by Marvin Davis Jim Allen. They saved the company from extinction when Gould Paper Corp. failed to make the division profitable. Marvin Jim had the mowers built just down the road in Hughson by Valley Tool Mfg. During this time the mower product line was perfected and the brush and row crop shredders were developed. Marvin focused on developing a strong Vrisimo dealer network and increased sales through out the west. Vrisimo Equipment Company is now solely owned by Valley Tool and Manufacturing. LET US BUILD ONE FOR YOU!





Vrisimo Equipment

900 Series Brush Shredder - This fast, efficient and affordable brush shredder was designed for vineyards and orchards. Brush shredding can be done economically using your existing tractor.

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