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Address: 1030 SW 6th Street


City/State/Zip: Lincoln, NE, 68522


Phone: 888-418-9065


FAX: 402-474-6605




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Company Info: SourceOne is an outdoor power equipment manufacturer best known for PLUGR cam-driven reciprocating turf aerators. The PLUGR commercial and rental lines include 22-30 walk-behind aerators the Pro HD hydrostatic and Pro VS variable speed aerators and the VersaTow 36-60 tow-behind aerator and slicer. SourceOne also offers dethatchers and overseeders plus a StepSavr sulky and EZ Haulr receiver hitch transport system.





SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment

New for 2014 . . . gain aeration speed without losing plug quality with the new PL415 cam-driven aerator from PLUGR! With an aeration width of 22″, it??s ideal for narrow or complicated landscaping. Weighing less than 200# and with a tiny storage footprint, this PLUGR aerator is a great addition to a rental fleet and is portable enough to fit in many car trunks or SUV cargo areas. This redesigned walk-behind aerator is easy enough for homeowners to operate but offers contractor-quality aeration. Features include 35% faster aeration than standard turf aerators, core depths of 2.75″ or more without adding weights or water, durable UHMW retractor plate, safety shut-off when cover is removed, front lift bar, tine retractor lever, lubrication points, auto-stop on power engagement handle, uni-body frame, and four easy-to-replace high tensile, hardened 5/8″ tines. Order now for Spring 2014 shipment and improve your aerator ROI next year!

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SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment

PLUGR??s PL855 Pro HD self-propelled hydrostatic drive aerator offers operators more productivity per hour, superior aeration results, and low maintenance costs. The cam action engine power drives aerator tines into even hard soils, but is especially effective on soft or spongy areas. SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment redesigned the PL855 with a sleek unibody construction, improved handle ergonomics and maintenance access, plus a built-in quick release receiver hitch for an optional PL050 StepSavr sulky. The addition of a StepSavr converts walk-behind equipment into ride-behind convenience, reducing crew fatigue and boosting productivity.

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SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment

SourceOne??s SL3660 VersaTow Slicer shares many of the features that have made the PL3660 VersaTow Aerator a popular choice for golf courses and other large-area jobs. The flip-up wings allow for 36"-48"-60" wide operation and the VersaTow Slicer can be towed with virtually any vehicle. Slicer wheel assemblies are spaced 6" on center with each consisting of 6 hardened and sharpened knives for excellent turf maintenance results. Available with 12-volt electric lift or manual wheel lift and can easily be converted to a rotating-tine aerator.

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SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment

Transport virtually any make or model of walk-behind outdoor power equipment on any vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch. Lightweight powder coated aluminum ramp assemblies mount to a heavy-duty 2" tubular steel receiver hitch extension. EZ Haulr's adjustable width ramps, with capacity up to 500#, will safely transport equipment with wheel spacing up to 35" in width and up to 46" front to back. Designed for convenience and safety, EZ Haulr offers landscape contractors the ability to carry auxiliary equipment on small service vehicles. Use for snow blowers, rototillers, mowers or virtually anything on wheels.

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