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Address: PO Box 70, 32005 126th Street


City/State/Zip: Princeton, MN, 55371


Phone: 800-752-9326


FAX: 763-389-2725




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Company Info: SRW Products provides a full spectrum of top-of-the-line hardscape products to distributors leading the way to better stronger longer lasting hardscapes. Product lines include Adhesive Fabric Geogrid Sealers Cleaners Polymeric Sand Erosion Control Diamond Blades and more.





Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive

All new technology that locks stone and veneer in place instantly! This new adhesive from SRW Products saves valuable time and eliminates sagging and slipping. It's a game changer! A premium caulking gun with a minimum thrust ratio of 14:1 is recommended for use with Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive.

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SRW Products Cleaners

The best seal starts with a clean surface. Our line of General Purpose and Specialty Clean products have been formulated to solve a variety of surface stains such as removing efflorescence, moss, grease, rust and more. These formulas provide the best results for your toughest challenges and can be used on a variety of surface materials.

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SRW Products Sealers

SRW Products offers sealers designed for use specifically on Pavers, Natural Stone, Wetcast and Concrete. We also offer Specialty Seal formulas for use on a variety of surfaces. Choose the best protection for your next project.

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SRW Products Adhesives

SRW Products has built its reputation on this core product line and is well-known for its adhesive strength and longevity. Available in 3 formulas: Vertical Instant Lock - Holds tight in less than 5 seconds without bracing! Rapid-set Polyurethane - For dry or damp surfaces offering both an ultra-fast cure time and high temp compatibility. Superior Strength Solvent-Based - Works on wet or frozen surfaces and extrudes down to 10 degrees fahrenheit.

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SRW Paver Rail

Choose the best edging for your hardscape project. SRW Paver Rail is available in Universal, Low Profile and Flex options.

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Build beautiful and durable retaining walls at an astonishingly low cost! Earthworks retainers work on standard concrete block and create a mechanical connection with geogrid making it a winning combo for strength and longevity. The retainers create a natural setback making them easy to use and install. Earthworks is a low cost alternative and works for any size wall.

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Landscape Fabrics and Geogrids

Quality fabrics and geogrids for soil separation and reinforcement, filtration, landscaping, ground cover and erosion control. Over 100 size and varieties available for retail and industrial needs.

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