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Address: P.O. Box 519


City/State/Zip: Atmore, AL, 36504-0519


Phone: 251-368-2072


FAX: 251-368-5080




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Company Info: Old World beauty for today's design applications.

Peacock Pavers are stunning replications of Old World stone that reflect the beauty and texture of ancient crosscut Italian travertine, yet are surprisingly affordable. Handcrafted in architectural-grade concrete, they not only offer far more design versatility than their stone counterparts, but they can also be used for both interior and exterior applications, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to any setting.

Perfect for new construction, landscaping and remodeling projects, Peacock Pavers lend distinction to floors, terraces, fireplace facings, swimming pools, pool decking, water features, driveways and more. A variety of trim options are also available to add those finishing touches.

Peacock Pavers are easy to install, and like their travertine and limestone counterparts, each piece is unique in color gradation and texture, as if it came from an ancient quarry. And yet, because they are made of a recyclable material (concrete), Peacock Pavers are more eco-friendly than quarried stone, and require far less fuel to produce.

Blending durability and versatility with affordability and elegance, Peacock Pavers bring Old World beauty to 21st Century design while remaining friendly to the planet. Discover the many ways Peacock Pavers can bring your design ideas to life.





Peacock Pavers 24

Handcrafted with architectural-grade concrete, our pavers are durable, have excellent freeze/thaw characteristics and easy to install. They add the look of stone to terraces, water features, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, pool decking and more! Available in 10 sizes, with thicknesses of 1" or 1-3/4" in seven colors.

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Peacock Pavers

Handcrafted with architectural-grade concrete, Peacock Pavers are durable, have excellent freeze/thaw characteristics and are as easy to install and seal as stone. Pavers come in 10 sizes, 1" or 1 3/4 " thick. Bring Old World elegance to terraces, pool decking and driveways. Visit our website.

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Peacock Pavers

With its architectural-grade concrete offering a variety of shades and textures, Peacock Pavers provides remarkable replications of Old World stone that can be used indoors and out.

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Peacock Pavers

Peacock Pavers

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Peacock Pavers

Peacock Pavers

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