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Address: 15065 Telephone Ave.


City/State/Zip: Chino, CA, 91710


Phone: 909-393-3744


FAX: 909-393-2773




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Company Info: Gro-Power Inc. has been manufacturing Humus based fertilizer/soil conditioner products since 1966. All of our basic products contain true plant-based (below fibrous stage) Humus Humic Acids and benficial soil bacteria. Gro-Power is designed to increase the soils fertility by adding high quality organic matter (Humus) and beneficial soil micro-organisms back into the soil. Gro-Power products are odor free environmentally safe and free of waste products such as animal waste poultry litter sewage sludge or toxic mine tailings. All products contain non-staining Iron Manganese Zinc. Our new product Pure N Natural Snail Slug AWAY is the safest way to control snails and slugs.





Gro-Power Plus

Our most popular formula. 5-3-1 analysis with 70% Humus and 15% Humid Acids plus a soil penetrant. Use for soil preparation as well as maintenance.

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Humus Based Fertilizer & Soil Conditioner

Gro-Power has been providing high quality, organic products to landscape professionals for over 32 years.

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Premium Green 11-2-9 Fe + Mn.

It's extremely unique in that it has 8% Iron, 3% Manganese to give you the color and also high disease resistance level. Nitrogen source is soluble. It also has a full minors package with 1% soil pentrant. Product also has 10% Humic Acids to enhance nutrient availability. Waters in easily with no pickup. Comes in greens grade and fairway grade.

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Premium Hi-Nitrogen 18-3-7/ER

Gro-Power Premium Hi-Nitrogen 18-3-7/ER is a complete turf fertilizer that also conditions the soil. It is formulated with quick-acting nitrogen and two forms of extended release nitrogen. The product also contains 20% humus and 15% humic acids. 1% soil penetrant has been added for high-use, compacted turf situations.

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Gro-Power Flower 'n' Bloom

3-12-12 analysis. Excellent for all blooming plants. Also great for fruit trees. Can also be used as a pre-plant fertilizer.

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Gro-Power Premium Green Iron

40% Fe analysis, the highest on the market, so a very cost-effective supplement. It is a non-staining formulation also containing sulfur, manganese and zinc.

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Gro-Power Premium Green 11-2-9

Fast acting formulation for all turfgrasses. Also contains 8% Iron and other trace minerals plus a soil penetrant.

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Gro-Power Premium Rose Food

6-8-4 analysis with 4% magnesium and other trace minerals. Controlled release formula that lasts for 3-4 months.

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Gro-Power Planting Tablets

12-8-8 analysis plus 4% Humid Acids and trace minerals. 7 gram tablets last up to one year. Also excellent for aquatic plants.

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