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Address: 99 Blueberry Hill Rd.


City/State/Zip: Woburn, MA, 01801


Phone: 781-935-9070


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Company Info: Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the most effective formulations and delivery systems in Plant Health Care. As the premier solutions provider, we are committed to advancing technology in the industries we serve through thought leadership, scientific research, and exceptional customer service. As a leader, we recognize ethical behavior, environmental responsibility, and good stewardship are essential in sustaining our business, our customers and our planet.

Our History

Arborjet was initially developed by arborists for arborists in order to effectively manage and control the many exotic and native insects, pests, and diseases threatening our natural and urban forests. Founded in 2000 by Peter M. Wild, owner of Boston Tree Preservation in Woburn, MA, Arborjet was established out of Peter's intent of finding a way to control Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, saving thousands of trees since the company's inception. Today, as the leading provider of tree care solutions, that same passion for innovation and service drives Arborjet to expand the types of technology created and industries served, changing the face of plant healthcare.

Our Research

Our unique method of developing formulations includes a pairing process which matches the active ingredient and application method with the physiology of the plant. Whether treating ash trees in Chicago, palms in Miami, or tomato plants in Fresno, this approach is why you will find significantly longer residual control and superior overall performance with our products. Our ability to achieve such high levels of performance while maximizing uptake efficiency and protecting against phytotoxicity and other harmful side effects sets Arborjet apart.

Our Team

At Arborjet, personal attention is a large part of who we are. You will always receive prompt and friendly service from knowledgeable and well-trained staff. We are happy to answer your questions and help you decide which solutions are right for your plant healthcare needs. We care about you and your success. Many of our staff are Certified Arborists, Pest Control Advisors, and hold board positions in major industry associations. Our Technical Advisors have a combined total of over 250 years in the green industry. Your successful plant health care program helps us realize our mission.





FSeries™ TREE I.V.

The FSeries TREE I.V. micro-infusion® system features the first ever 120 psi injection system and the ability to use up to 12 injection lines. The FSeries is designed for maximum speed, accuracy, and ease - and is the perfect tool for your next job.

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The QUIK-jet is a cost effective injection tool designed for lower dose applications, and can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess tree health and vascular activity. Its speedy delivery with fast uptake trees allows the applicator to work effectively and profitability in a variety of situations. We've made a key upgrade to the QUIK-jet device, replacing the ball and spring intake with a new check valve system that will significantly reduce the chances of clogging!

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TREE-äge G4

TREE-age G4 is a 4% Emamectin Benzoate formulation that boasts the proven success of TREE-age, with the added benefit of a general use label. TREE-age G4 provides 2 years of control for Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer, Emerald Ash Borer, pine bark beetles, leaf-chewing caterpillars, and more. It works well with all Arborjet equipment, and is always ready to use - just connect equipment directly to the bottle. Arborjet's innovative equipment designs and unique formulations will maximize your productivity and reduce labor time.

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Propizol is a trunk injected systemic fungicide for control of selected diseases in trees. It is a systemic broad-spectrum disease control for grasses, shrubs, and flowers in all growing zones applied as a foliar spray. Propizol fights disease brought on by Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer infestation, is effective against Fusarium Wilt, and it combats many other tree damaging conditions. Effective for trees, Oak Wilt on Oaks, Leaf Disease on Crabapples, Anthracnose on Sycamores, Dutch Elm Disease on Elms, Grasses, Anthracnose, Red Thread, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Spring Dead Spot, Fusarium Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Gray Snow Mold, Leaf Spot, Necrotic Ring Spot, Pink Patch, Pink Snow Mold, Powdery Mildew, Stripe Smut, Summer Patch, Take-all Patch, Yellow Patch, Zoysia Patch, Ornamentals & Flowers.

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Shortstop is a 22.3% Paclobutrazol plant growth regulator, which slows the growth of ornamental trees, reduces pruning frequency, aids in drought conditions, reduces construction damage, and enhances fine root hair growth. It is most effective when applied to the soil near the base of the tree either by soil injection or with basal drench. Use Shortstop on Elm, Maple, Oak, and more!

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TREE-age is a broad spectrum insecticide for use on Emerald Ash Borer, certain bark beetles, certain caterpillars, coneworm, and more. It has proven in independent studies to have high levels of efficacy and 2 year control. TREE-age can be used on trees grown in residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, parks, plantations, seed orchards, and forested sites (private, municipal, state, tribal and national areas).

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The same 6% Azadirachtin insecticide you know and love, is available in a variety of sizes! AzaSol is a broad spectrum insecticide, but leaves no oily residue and won't burn leaves due to its water soluble powdered Neem formulation. OMRI Listed for organic use, AzaSol allows for same day harvest of your food crops! Whether you need to apply in bulk, or resell for homeowner use, AzaSol's various sizes have you covered! Use AzaSol as a spray, drench, chemigation, or tree injection - No matter your plant health care needs, Arborjet is here for you, from soil to crown.

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IMA-jet 10

The IMA-jet formulation you've come to trust, now available in a 10% formulation. Inject half the formulation, saving time and labor costs. IMA-jet 10 is a broad spectrum insect control that provides control against a wide range of piercing-sucking, and boring insects on trees. IMA-jet 10 is designed for micro-injection and micro-infusion applications for managing insect pests of trees and landscape ornamentals.

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NutriRoot supplies a single solution for managing drought stress, reducing watering, accelerating root growth and improving transplant survival. Simply drench a plant's root zone or apply directly to transplant roots and watch the improvement. NutriRoot is a unique two-component formulation of a water manager and nutrient blend. The water management component is a patented blend of hygroscopic compounds including humectants that draw water from the air and surrounding soil.

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QUIK-jet Air

Arborjet's QUIK-jet Air is the latest weapon in the war against tree insects and diseases. Its innovative design combines the simplicity of the popular QUIK-jet and power of the VIPER Air Hydraulic systems to create a lightweight, easy-to-use injection tool that maximizes productivity and reduces labor time. The QUIK-jet Air features one-thumb switch operation, precise dose measuring, and air-powered injection in a rugged aluminum body weighing less than 2 pounds. You'll notice the difference when you make the switch and use QUIK-jet Air.

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Eco-Mite Plus®

Eco-Mite Plus® is a highly concentrated blend of organic botanical oils and extracts providing fast-acting insect control. Eco-Mite Plus effectively kills and repels mites, aphids, mealybugs, scale crawlers, thrips and whiteflies as well as destroying their eggs and nymphs. Specifically designed to avoid burning under grow lights, it is great for indoor and outdoor use. Environmentally friendly and nontoxic to people and pets, Eco-Mite Plus is safe to spray on a variety of plant types including food crops the same day as harvest. 32 fl. oz. concentrate makes up to 13 gallons.

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Eco-PM® is a highly concentrated blend of organic botanical oils and extracts providing fast-acting disease control. Eco-PM effectively suppresses and controls diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Botrytis Gray Mold, Phytophthora Late Blight, Black Spot, and Rust. Specifically designed to avoid burning under grow lights, it is great for indoor and outdoor use. Environmentally friendly and nontoxic to people and pets, Eco-PM is safe to spray on a variety of plant types including food crops the same day as harvest. 32 fl. oz. concentrate makes up to 26 gallons.

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QUIK-jet Kit

QUIK-jet Kit for trunk injection will make you money with proven results. Homeowners are demanding tree services and Arborjet helps you deliver.

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May 21, 2018, 12:16 am PDT

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