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Address: 1000 Kubota Dr.


City/State/Zip: Grapevine, TX, 76051


Phone: 310-370-3370


FAX: 310-370-3846




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Company Info: Kubota Corporation introduced its first tractor to the United States in 1969. Filling a product void in the American marketplace for a sub-compact tractor the Kubota 21 HP L200 was an overnight success. Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) was formed in 1972 and the company continued to expand its product line for the US market. This expansion has continued over the next 40 years and Kubota now offers products in a wide variety of segments including lawn mowers utility vehicles construction equipment agriculture tractors and hay equipment.





Kubota Z700-2 Series

Kubota's new Z700 Series is comprised of six models and is now available with a premium adjustable suspension seat with 3 inches of vertical travel and 6 inches of fore and aft travel. The Z700 Series is powered by Kawasaki's industry-proven FX engines and Kohler Command Pro engines engineered to ensure superior results. With dual Parker TorqPact HGT 14 transmissions, the Z700 Series puts exceptional torque and power on the ground where it is needed. Each model features a durable eight gauge steel 48-, 54-, or 60-inch deck, six inches deep, allowing for outstanding stability and an efficient, high quality cut. The Z700 Series offers unmatched ergonomics with a wide operator station, a premium adjustable suspension seat for comfort and reduced fatigue during long jobs.

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Kubota WG6-21 and WGC6-21

Kubota's popular W Series commercial walk-behind mowers now include a 21-inch deck option with the introduction of the WG6-21 and WGC6-21 mowers. The cast aluminum deck with steel edge guards, and cast aluminum wheels with dual ball bearing and wide rubber tires, meet the demands of the lawn care professional. The 3-speed heavy-duty transmission is designed for performance and long service days. The new models feature a Kawasaki FJ180 commercial duty engine, which dominates the commercial walk behind push mower segment. With the introduction of this new deck size, Kubota's W Series now includes 21-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch and 52-inch deck options, allowing landscapers options to find the perfect mower to match any job.

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Kubota T Series

The new and improved T Series line is comprised of the T2090 with 42-inch deck and the T2290 with 42- and 48-inch deck options. The residential ride-on mower line has been popular for years and Kubota improved on its features by engineering a class-leading ultra-sharp turning radius; operators can turn the mower 360 degrees with only a 14-inch turning radius. Owners will enjoy the flat foot pan with ample room, and a high-back seat that adjusts a full four inches forward and back for just the right operating position, the T2290 also includes a parallel link suspension system. The new fabricated cutting decks offer professional quality results on a ride-on mower. The T2090 and the T2290 feature powerful 2-cylinder V-twin engines, 20hp and 21.5hp, respectively.

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The rated operating capacity is 1,950 pounds and 2,690 pounds, respectively, for the SSV65 and SSV75. Both models feature a slide-up, front-entry door that raises overhead, a side light for better visibility and safe night operation and a cabin with climate control.

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Kubota RTV-X1120

The RTV-X1120 is Kubota Tractor Corporation's most well-equipped utility vehicle offered at a value price point of $13,999 MSRP. Designed for the commercial customer and daily heavy duty work, the Kubota RTV-X1120 combines Kubota quality with enhanced power, torque and performance at a never-before price point. Kubota-built and all-terrain proven, the 24.8 horsepower, 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine has a well-earned reputation for providing extra acceleration. The engine and VHT-X transmission provide a top speed of 29 mph as well as plenty of hill-climbing power. Designed for reducing operator fatigue during long work days, the RTV-X1120 features adjustable ergonomically designed 60:40 split bench seats, digital dashboard display, power steering, easily accessible parking brake and large under seat storage compartments.

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Kubota RTV-X1140 'K-Vertible' Four-Passenger Diesel Utility Vehicle

Kubota's RTV-X1140, featuring the innovative K-Vertible cargo conversion system, transforms the vehicle from two passengers and a large cargo bed to four passengers and a cargo bed. Featuring sophisticated technology, the RTV-X1140 offers an impressive array of comfort and performance features, with tilt steering, simple inline shifting, lockable storage and a long-travel four-wheel independent suspension that enhances handling in most off-road conditions. The new five-point ROPS design increases RTV-X1140's legendary workhorse characteristics allowing for more cargo volume and side loading. RTV-X1140 also comes standard with hydraulic dump bed, allowing more efficiency and less manual labor unloading cargo. Standard two-inch receivers are located at the front and back of the vehicle, allowing a tow capacity up to 1,300 lbs.

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Kubota L47 and M62 TLBs

The Kubota L47 and M62 tractor-loader-backhoes (TLBs) are designed to meet the needs of the construction, landscaping and rental sectors. Both TLBs are more powerful than their predecessors, and comply with Tier 4 Final emissions regulations. An optional hydraulic coupler, available on both models, enables easy attachment and detachment of auxiliary implements. The M62 has a 14-foot maximum digging depth, a 17-percent improvement over the previous model. In addition, the backhoe features a quick coupler system for a fast exchange of buckets, and a four-point rear mounting system allows the backhoe to be easily removed and reattached.

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SVL75-2 with High Flow

Kubota Tractor Corporation introduces the SVL75-2 with High Flow compact track loader to its SVL series including the SVL75-2 and the SVL95-2s. The new SVL75-2 with High Flow offers increased hydraulic horsepower, expanding multi-tasking capabilities for a wide variety of attachments on the jobsite. Boasting a 74.3 gross horsepower, four-cylinder, direct injection, turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine, equipped with Common Rail Fuel Injection and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system, the SVL75-2 with High Flow meets Tier 4 emissions standards and matches reduced exhaust emissions with enhanced fuel economy.

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SSV Series Skid Steers

Kubota's skid steer loaders include the SSV65 and SSV75. With standard two-speed travel and optional high-flow hydraulics, Kubota's skid steers will meet the needs of construction, rental and agriculture customers. The rated operating capacity is 1,950 pounds and 2,690 pounds, respectively, for the SSV65 and SSV75. Both models feature a unique, slide-up, front-entry door that rises overhead, a side light for better visibility and safe night operation, and a spacious cabin with climate control. An optional multi-function lever is available, allowing for fingertip control of major machine and implement functions.

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KX033-4 with Extendable Dipper Arm

The new KX033-4 is part of Kubota's popular KX Series and sits in the three-ton class yet boasts the lifting capacity of a larger machine. Ideal for those hard to reach areas, the KX033-4's optional extendable dipper arm can be quickly and easily extended up to 31 inches, boosting productivity as well as efficiency. Its impressive capabilities include a digging depth of 12 feet 2 inches and a digging reach of 18 feet 3 inches. The KX033-4 is powered by Kubota's direct injection diesel engine with auto shift and idle features. Operators will enjoy the easy-open front glass windows, deluxe suspension seat, cup holder, wrist rest and air conditioning. A large, easy-to-read digital panel is user friendly with simple settings and push button operations.

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Kubota U27-4

Kubota's new U27-4 features adjustable auxiliary flow hydraulics, an auxiliary diverter valve, two-speed automatic downshift travel, as well as best-in-class reach and dig depth. The powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket design allows the operator to dig faster, deeper, and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions. Engineered to prioritize productivity, the U27-4 boasts a working range (including reach and digging depth) that are best-in-class and a bucket digging force of 7,014 pounds. Operators will enjoy a large, spacious cab with wider entrance, greater leg room, more flow space and a luxurious interior as well as a new user-friendly front meter panel. An enclosed cab option with heat is also available for the new U27-4.

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ZD300 Series

Kubota's new ZD300 series zero-turn commercial mowers deliver more commercial power, durability and performance with energy-efficient 21-, 26- and 31-hp Kubota diesel engines for commercial and residential users.

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Model No.: ZD321-60 Deck: 60?? Engine: D1005 3-cylinder Speed: (mph) (forward/reverse) 0-10.6 mph / 0-5.3 mph Tires: Front: Tubeless Pneumatic 15?? x 6?? ??? 6?? Rear: Pro Turf 26?? x 12?? ??? 12?? Special Features: Zero Turning Radius ; Shaft Driven Transmission ; Shaft; Driven Mowers ; Hydraulic PTO Clutch ; Deluxe Suspension Seat w/4 ; Adjustable Controls ; Tilt-assist Front Axle ; Dual Element Air Filter ; Electric Key Shut Off ; Control Lever Safety Start Switch ; Hands Free Parking Brake ; Foldable ROPS Warranty: 24 Months; Including Mower Deck Cost: $11,260

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Model number: B26 Tractor Loader Backhoe Engine: Kubota liquid-cooled diesel 3-cylinder engine Horsepower: 26 HP Weight: 4,001 lbs. ?? Dimensions: 16??6?? L x 54?? W x 89.5?? H Lift capacity: 1,676 lbs. at 24" behind Attachments: BT820 backhoe; TL500 front loader. Special Features: Category I three-point hitch; sun shade canopy; slanted boom and hood design; reinforced integrated main frame; rollover protective structure; backhoe quick-mount system; four wheel drive with a differential rear-axle; hydraulic independent power take off; headlights/worklights. Warranty: 12 months; the powertrain is under 24 months - or 1,500 hours. Cost: $29,610

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ZD-326 & ZD-331

Model: ZD-326 or ZD331 Series Zero-Turn Mowers Chassis: Fabricated deck Deck size: 54??, 60??, 72?? Engine: 26 or 31 hp fuel efficient Kubota diesel engines Speed: 9.3 to 10.6 mph (reverse 5.2-5.3) Tires: Front in. (mm) 15 x 6.0-6, Rear in. (mm) 26 x 10.5 - 12 Seat: Wide deluxe suspension seat Accessories: The mid-mount mower has a cutting width of 60?? or 72?? depending on model; cutting height is 1?? to 5?? with a height adjustment increment of 1⁄4?? inch. Special Features: They use as much as 30 percent less fuel than gasoline engines; have fewer emissions; and operate more quietly. Plus, each model features dual fuel tanks to total 11.9 gallons of fuel capacity, which means fewer stops for refueling. Warranty: Two years ?? Cost: $11,960 to $14,200

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B26 TLB Series

Model Number: B26 TLB Horsepower: 26 HP SAE Load Capacity: 1,300 lbs. Dimensions: 16?? 6?? L x 54?? W x 89.5?? H Maximum Speed: 11.1 mph Attachments: B26 TLB comes standard with TL500 Front Loader (w/o bucket); BT820 Backhoe (w/o bucket); optional loader third-function auxiliary hydraulic valve for use of a four-in-one bucket, grapple bucket and other hydraulic implements. Special Features: 4 Post ROPS/FOPS and seatbelt; engine increases power by 23 percent while offering high torque rise, low noise and vibration and cleaner emissions; reinforced, integrated main frame for repetitive loader/backhoe work. Warranty: 1 year; powertrain is under 2 years or 1,500 hours - whichever occurs first. Cost: $29,610

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ZG Series

Kubota's quality is built into every ZG Series zero-turn mower. These professional mowers are equipped with our own 22 or 27 hp v-twin, air-cooled gasoline engines and high-performance HST transmissions.

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Model No.: Kubota ZD221 Engine: 3-cylinder 21 hp Kubota, liquid-cooled, diesel engine Deck: Kubota Pro-commercial decks in 48- and 54- inch options Speed: 0 to 9 mph/0 to 5 mph (forward/reverse) Tires: Tread: 33.9 inches (front), 36.6 inches (rear); tire size: 12 x 5.0-6 pneumatic (front), 23 x 10.5-12 (rear) Accessories: Flexible discharge chute, anti-overflow system and Kubota unique baffle design for optimum performance in the toughest of conditions. An optional front lift allows quick and simple maintenance, without removing the mower deck. Special Features: Compact zero-turn frame. Supplying virtually 40 pounds-per-foot of torque, the high torque-to-horsepower ratio translates into true savings. Warranty: Competitive Limited Warranty. Customers may purchase extended coverage Cost: $11,200 to $11,400

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The 26-horsepower Kubota B26 tractor-loader-backhoe offers three machines in one.??It comes equipped with a three-point hitch, backhoe and loader.

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RTV500, our first gas-powered utility vehicle, operates at a maximum of 15.8 HP and fits into the bed of a full-sized pickup truck.

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Model Number: B3200HSD Engine: 91.5 cc Horsepower: 32 HP Dimensions: 99.2" L x 53.8" W x 65.6" wheelbase Attachments: Front loader, backhoe, mid-mount mower. Weight: 1,764 lbs. Special Features: Wide operating platform; power steering; hydrostatic transmission; Mid-PTO; double-element air cleaner; headlights; front grill; 3-speed range; powerful Category I 3-point hitch. Warranty: 1-year limited Cost: $14,901 with loader valve

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ZD323 has an industry leading 6.5-inch-deep design. An oscillating front axle further increases operator comfort and an integral lift allows quick and simple maintenance of the deck.

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New ZG332 boasts a new 32.5-horsepower liquid-cooled Kubota gasoline engine, hydrostatic transmission and Pro Commercial mower decks in both 60- and 72-inch options.

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SSV Series

Kubota compact utility loaders offer versatility and rugged performance for jobs from landscaping to construction. Keep working comfortably with Kubota-engineered equipment and a range of performance-matched implements.

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TLB Series

TLB Series - for loader, backhoe, and other applications, nothing beats the Loader/Landscaper Series tractors, offering incredible performance.

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