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Company Info: Endless Design PossibilitiesBioHaven Floating Islands are available in a variety of sizes from one acre to a few square feet. Islands of 25 square feet or less are referred to as Floating Water Gardens and are available in six standard shapes and sizes. Edible gardens flower beds as well as other terrestrial and non-terrestrial plants are just a few ideas of what you can grow on your BioHaven Floating Island.Natural Algae EliminationRegardless of size all BioHaven Floating Islands have the unique ability to enhance the health of any pond or waterway both environmentally biologically. These unique islands act as living bio-filters once planted the plant roots and microbes consume excess nutrient sources that cause algae bloom.Wildlife HavenCustomized to suit the unique feeding nesting and protection needs of specific species BioHaven Floating Islands provide habitats for various animals both above and below the waters surface. Under the surface the roots and concentrated nutrients supply beneficial food to fish while above plants and land mass provide refuge for other wildlife.





250 sq. ft. Floating Island

BioHaven floating islands are 250 sq. ft. of island, which translates to an acre??s worth of wetland surface area. They can be launched in either shallow or deep water, and can be securely anchored or tethered to remain in a specific location.

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