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Atlantic Water GardensClick For Directions


Address: 4494 Orchard St


City/State/Zip: Mantua, OH, 44255


Phone: 330-274-8317


FAX: 330-274-8790




Contact: More Information


Vendor Profile: Since the late 1980s Atlantic Water Gardens has grown in the industry developing new and innovating ideas that help create beautiful backyard oasis for everyone to enjoy. At Atlantic you can explore a full line of pump products fountains maintenance products LED lighting water gardening and pond-free supplies and Colorfalls the best lighted spillway on the market. Atlantic has everything you need to create your next outdoor project and much more including a range of POP and training material to educate anyone wanting to know more about water features.





Mantova & Ravenna Sprouts

Atlantic's new Mantova and Ravenna spouts bring old world charm with a modern twist! These heavy-duty cast brass fixtures feature an oil rubbed bronze finish that evoke the past but fit perfectly in contemporary walls and patios.

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Color Changing Vases

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces Color Changing Vases Mantua, Ohio ??? October 9, 2012 ??? Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to present a new concept in illuminated water features ??? overflowing vases that glow from within! During the day the three sizes create the welcome sights and sounds of dancing water, bubbling up and cascading down their sides ??? but in the dark, they come alive with light! Working on the same technology as our Color Changing Colorfalls, these vases radiate in 48 different colors, or in 16 different pre-programmed patterns, with speed and intensity regulated by Remote Control. Available as single vases 18??, 24?? and 32?? tall, in sets of three, or as part of a kit with the Oasis Fountain Basin, you are sure to find the right fit for your application.

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TidalWave Magnetic Induction Pumps

Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to present their new TidalWave Magnetic Induction Pumps, the perfect choice for the small water feature with low head heights. Hefty and heavy-duty, Atlantic??s Mag Drives feature removable pre-filters, oversize ceramic shafts, replaceable impeller assemblies and a 20?? power cord. Backed by a 3-year warranty and with seven different models ranging from 350 GPH to 2000 GPH, these Mag Drives offer the performance and energy efficiency to be a great fit in your smaller water features.

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Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to announce a completely new concept, the Atlantic Professional Programs
- Atlantic Distributor Consultant (ADC), and Atlantic Professional Contractor (APC). As an Atlantic Distributor Consultant, we at Atlantic will support the relationship with you and your customers (the Contractors and Dealers) allowing you, the Distributor to build meaningful long-term relationships with those customers. In contrast to manufacturer-dominated programs that emphasize loyalty over education, the Atlantic Professional Contractor (APC) Program is distributor-driven, for a very simple reason - the distributors know their customers best. They know which contractors would most benefit from such a program; they know which customers would prefer to be loyal to the distributor and to Atlantic and they know best how to select and qualify those contractors. For further information please contact??_. Alyssa Schmidt Program Coordinator Atlantic Water Gardens Phone: 330-274-8317 x 11 Fax: 330-274-8790 Factory Address 4494 Orchard St. Mantua OH 44255

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Pebble Pot Fountains

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces Pebble Pot Fountains Mantua, Ohio ??? October 29, 2012 ??? Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to introduce Pebble Pot Fountains, the perfect complement to any garden. Made from lightweight, durable fiberglass, these Pebble Pots are available in three heights: 20??, 32?? and 43??. A two-piece design allows partial nesting for easy shipping, and weights ranging from 14 to 44 lbs. eliminate installation and safety concerns present with natural pebble pots. These easy-to-install fountain toppers come equipped with a ?_?? insert fitting, and can be matched with Atlantic??s Fountain Basins and Pumps.

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TidalWave L-Series Pumps

Model No.: TidalWave L-Series Pumps L305
Weight: 60 lbs. 
 Horsepower: .5 HP 
 Power Consumption: 6.4 Amps 
 Max Flow Rate: 11,400 gph at 2.5' tdh
 Special Features: Low-head/high-volume, axial flow TidalWave L-Series pumps are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with a precision motor for thermal overload protection. Engineered for high volume applications with a double silicone carbide mechanical seal, dual drive bearings and a 32' power cord.
 Warranty: 2 years Cost: $1,425.71

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Fiberglass Basalt Columns

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces Fiberglass Basalt Columns Mantua, Ohio ??? October 29, 2012 ??? Bring the beauty of natural stone to your garden with Atlantic Water Gardens?? new bubbling fiberglass Basalt Columns. Made from sturdy fiberglass, these pieces eliminate weight and safety concerns while retaining all the charm and durability of natural rock. The lightweight Fiberglass Basalt Columns range in weight from 8 to 27 lbs, and are available in heights of 16??, 22??, and 30?? and as a set of three that nests for convenient and affordable shipping. Lightweight and easy to plumb, these attractive pieces are the perfect complement to any garden.

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AWGFT2 Fountain Light

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces the AWGFT2 Fountain Light Mantua, Ohio ??? October 29, 2012 ??? Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to introduce the new AWGFT2 Fountain Light. The new 1.5 watt Fountain Light features a ?_?? MPT x ?_?? insert fitting, a 20?? power cord and outdoor transformer. Its gorgeous warm white glow works perfectly with most fountain applications, and will help you enjoy your fountain deep into the night.

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Stainless Steel Splash Rings

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces Stainless Steel Splash Rings Mantua, Ohio ??? October 29, 2012 ??? Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to present Stainless Steel Splash Rings, an elegant new way to control splash. Made from 304 stainless steel mesh, these rings tame errant droplets, eliminating splash and reducing the frequency between basin top ups. Available in widths of 16??, 28?? and 40??, these splash rings complement all of Atlantic??s formal spillway sizes. And for a dramatic nighttime effect, simply add an Atlantic SOL Light Ring underneath the Splash Ring.

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TidalWave Fountain Heads

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces TidalWave Fountain Heads Mantua, Ohio ??? October 29, 2012 ??? Add another dimension to your water garden with Atlantic??s all new TidalWave Fountain Heads. Compatible with all of Atlantic??s Mag Drive Pumps, these versatile Fountain Heads pivot to make leveling easy, telescope to adjustable heights and feature four different spray patterns from which to choose. The MDFH2575 works with Mag Drive pumps between 250 GPH and 750 GPH, telescopes from 12?? to 18??, and has a ?_?? FIPT inlet. The MDFH1020 works with Atlantic Mag Drive pumps from 1000 GPH to 2000 GPH, telescopes from 15?? to 22??, and has a 1?? FIPT inlet.

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Triton Ionizer

Atlantic Water Gardens introduces the NEW Triton Ionizer Mantua, Ohio ??? October 29, 2012 ??? The best electronic water clarifier has gotten better with the introduction of Atlantic??s all new Triton Ionizer. The Ionizer??s all new modular design is at the cutting edge of innovation, with tool-less, seamless integration with the Triton Check Valve. Featuring electrodes that are easily replaced without tools and an attractive weather resistant control panel, the new Ionizer is easily installed into any new or existing water feature. The Ionizer treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons and is safe for fish and plants. The level of mineralization is controlled by the LED panel, so you can easily keep your pond clean and clear.

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Typhoon Air Pumps

Typhoon Air Pumps All New TA1800 and TA3600, available separately or in Kits, with Solid Metal Bodies for Better Heat Diffusion and Longer Diaphragm Life. All Brass Hardware, Reinforced Tubing, Check Valves and High Volume Air Diffusers included in All Kits. Typhoon Air Pumps feature indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressors specifically designed for year-round usage. Ideal for aeration and circulation in warm weather, these aerators are especially dependable for de-icing and gas exchange in freezing weather, unlike floating de-icers that often fail under harsh conditions. Best of all, energy-efficient Typhoon Air Pumps draw only a tiny fraction of the power, and can easily be rebuilt for exceptionally long life!

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Scupper Durable 304 Stainless Steel

Put a fresh shine on any formal water feature with scuppers constructed of durable 304 stainless steel. Available in 12??, 24?? and 36?? widths, these scuppers feature a 5?? lip extension, a fully welded enclosure and come with a 1-year warranty.

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LED Lighting Sets

Introducing complete LED lighting sets, in both SOL white and color changing. featuring LEDs with solid brass bodies and an attractive oil-rubbed bronze finish.

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TT-Series TidalWave3 Pumps

Mantua, Ohio ??? November 11, 2014 ??? Atlantic Water Gardens is pleased to introduce all new TT-Series TidalWave3 Pumps, the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous pumps. Offering more water moved per watt than ever before, these pumps are also specifically designed to be clog-resistant and hard water-tolerant, making them the perfect choice for all high flow, medium head applications, especially where energy cost is a consideration. Offering a 3-year warranty and seven models ranging from 1500 to 9000 gallons per hour, the TT-Series of pumps provides the reliability and versatility needed to continually perform in a wide range of applications. James Chubb National Sales Manager Atlantic Water Gardens Phone: 1-616-914-9953 Fax: 330-274-8790

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Water Gardens

Atlantic offers quality water feature equipment from fountains and spillways to enhance the hardscape, to ponds and pond-free falls for the yard, LED lighting to illuminate them and all the accessories you need to easily install everything.

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Variable Speed Controller

Variable Speed Controller offers wireless control of our popular Asynchronous Pumps. TidalWave VSC can be added to any new or existing TW or TT-Series pump.

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Atlantic Water Gardens Variable Speed Controller

The VSC offers wireless control of any TidalWave Asynchronous pump via remote control and/or mobile app. Plug the pump into the Controller and vary the flow from 25% - 100%, set start/stop times, decrease electrical consumption and lower operating costs! The TidalWave VSC app is now available in the Google play and App store.

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Shallow Water Aeration Systems

Atlantic's new Typhoon Shallow Water Aeration Systems can aerate and maintain shallow ponds up to one-half surface acre in area. The TPS200S is a two-diffuser setup; the TPS400S has four diffusers.

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