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Vendor Profile: Soil Technologies Corp. is a pioneer in the development of natural organic products for grounds maintenance. Since 1983 we have supplied landscapers with bio-pesticides and soil conditioners. Our products include insect and animal repellents fungicides bio-fertilizers and wetting agents. These products have all been university tested and field proven.





GARLIC GARD repellent

Garlic Gard insect repellent spray is a natural technology to discourage insect infestations. Garlic Gard is an effective repellent for mosquitoes, ticks, and other nuisance pests. Used to repel a variety of crawling and flying insects, Garlic Gard is easy on the environment and effective for up to a month. Garlic Gard is a foliar-applied insect repellent that is absorbed by the plant. This process causes biochemical changes in the foliage of plants so that they repel insects. Approved for organics. The product odor dissipates rapidly after application and becomes odorless to humans.
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SOIL SUCCESS SOL -Mega Mycorrhizae

Soil Success Sol Is a mega-dose mycorrhizal inoculant that is designed for use with all turfgrass varieties. Nearly 50,000 studies of the mycorrhizal link with plants are in the scientific literature. Uses and Benefits: ● Increases speed of grow-in during construction or renovation ● Accelerates recovery from damage , aeration, de-thatching ● Increases the absorbency of roots to improve fertilizer uptake ● Improves the ability of treated turfs to withstand drought & wilt ● Makes grass greener by increasing chlorophyll within the plant ● Trichoderma are known to suppress pathogenic fungi of turf
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BIO-MEGA Total Microbial Ecosystem

The Bio-Mega formula adds a diverse concentration of beneficial microbials that are known to improve turf rooting, nutrient uptake, and plant health. In addition, Bio-Mega contains a variety of plant-derived substances including steroidal saponins. The impact of these phyto-chemicals, when combined with Bio-Mega's microbial communities, is a genuine breakthrough based on solid soil science. With the introduction of TurfTech Bio-Mega, Soil Tech Corp. offers the next evolution in the development of biologically derived soil fertility products. Bio-Mega provides turfgrass managers with an economically feasible method of reducing requirements for fertilizer, fungicides, and water.
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Thatch Relief is a natural product for the accelerated decomposition of excessive thatch in turfgrass. It is used to reduce the need for expensive mechanical de-thatching (raking, slicing, aerating). Research has shown that one application of Thatch Relief liquid reduces thatch by 15% in just 45 days. Thatch Relief contains a combination of beneficial bacteria, plant enzymes, and surfactants. Apply in spring and fall.
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MICRO-GRO PLUS - Biostimulant

Micro-Gro Plus is premium quality, supplemental spray for turfgrass. It consists of beneficial microbes, seaweed extracts (SWE), humates, naturally-derived plant growth hormones and food-grade nutrients. With Micro-Gro Plus, treated turfs are better able to withstand the debilitating effects of summer stress and drought. Grasses are healthier, more dense, and tolerate all kinds of environmental pressures.
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TurfTech BIO-MIN

TurfTech Bio-Min is a concentrated bio-fertilizer that combines our patented blend of beneficial microbials with volcanic rock powders that strengthen, stimulate and improve turfgrass. Treated turf shows improved color and resists damage by drought, disease, insects, and fungi. TurfTech Bio-Min adds vitality to areas prone to wear and tear, resulting in fewer hotspots. TurfTech Bio-Min also provides customers with remarkable cost savings compared to standard fertilizers.
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CHASE Mole & Gopher Repellents

The Chase Mole line of liquid and granular repellents are used to eradicate existing burrowing critters and/or prevent new infestations. The Chase Mole formula is safe for people and pets. The Chase Mole liquid is an improvement over previous products for repelling moles. Tests at Michigan State University confirmed that this formula, "effectively eliminated the visible surface tunneling of eastern moles in all lawns tested." In addition the test report stated that, "your product is easy to apply and very effective." This liquid mole & gopher repellent formula contains a higher percentage of the castor oil derived active ingredient. In addition, the product has faster soil penetration for improved activity against the target pests. The Chase Mole granular product works well with all spreaders and has 50% more coverage than other brands.
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PLANT PROTEC Deer/Rabbit Repellent

These deer and rabbit repellents were invented by a USDA scientist. The garlic oil odor and chili pepper taste of these clip-on units results in aversive conditioning of deer, rabbits, and elk. Animals will stay away even after the odor dissipates. Plant ProTec repellents last 6 months or more and are made from biodegradable plastic. The Plant ProTec units are easy to use by attaching to leaves, needles or branches. For plants too small to support the units, simply activate and place the Plant ProTec units in the soil next to the plant.
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BAC-PACK Beneficial Microbe Blend

Bac-Pack is a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms and anti-oxidants designed to improve the rhizosphere in problem soils. Bac-Pack is used to improve biological diversity in the soil and optimize plant health for the prevention of wilt, summer stress, and disease symptoms. Regular Bac-Pack drenches improve root growth and prevent Anthracnose, Fusarium, and Rhizoctonia. University tested and field proven to suppress and reduce pathogenic fungi of turfgrass.
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OASYS ULTRA Natural Wetting Agent

Oasys Ultra is a natural wetting agent and microbial feed that is formulated to increase percolation rates in dry, hard, and compacted soils. This premium quality, non-burning wetting agent is fortified with humic acids and sea plant extracts which act as bio-stimulants for improved plant growth. The active ingredient in Oasys Ultra is Quillay extract which contains steroidal saponins that improve plant health and act as natural bio-controls. Oasys Ultra is non-burning and the plant derived ingredients also increase soil microbial activity to suppress damaging fungi and nematodes.
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Dynaweed -Corn Gluten

This 100 percent natural, organic product made from granulated corn gluten meal was developed by Iowa State University and is an effective pre-emergence weed control and fertilizer for lawns and ornamental plantings. Ideal for I.P.M. programs. Dynaweed corn gluten granules are a by-product of making cornstarch. The meal of corn gluten inhibits the growth of a weed's roots. Dynaweed corn gluten acts as a pre-emergent herbicide that will not harm soil organisms, pets, or children. As Dynaweed decomposes it adds a substantial amount of plant available nitrogen. In university research, corn gluten treated plants consistently show superior color and quality.
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