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Address: 4741 E Hunter Ave Ste A


City/State/Zip: Anaheim, CA, 92807


Phone: 714-282-8777


FAX: 714-282-8575




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Company Info: Soil and Plant Laboratory Inc. is a corporation committed to providing timely and innovative solutions to our customers. We aim to assist our clients in improving production of their crops and/or products. We are dedicated to continued expansion of our analytical consulting and diagnostic services.





Soil and Plant Laboratory

Landscape planning, problem prevention and maintenance packages are among new subscription offers announced by this 59-year-old consulting firm.

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Soil and Plant Laboratory

What??s eating your plants? Don??t let fungi, bacteria, nematodes and virus take a big bit out of your profits. Call your pathology and test experts at Soil and Plant Laboratory today.

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Soil And Plant Laboratory, Inc.

Prevent future problems with the new soil, plant and tissue Commercial Test Kit from Soil and Plant Laboratory. Serving the industry for 60 years ensuring that the project is done right from the beginning.

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